Wednesday, November 26

Joe Budden Feat. The Game - The Future

Joe Budden featuring The Game “The Future” (Amalgam Digital)

Lead single taken from Joe Budden's forthcoming sophomore album “Padded Room” available on CD & Digital FEB 24th 2009

"The Future" is here: The Future Feat. The Game

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Saturday, November 22

MC Breed Passes Away

Flint, Michigan rapper MC Breed has died at the age of 36.

An anonymous source, reportedly a friend of the late rapper confirmed the passing of the industry veteran to AllHipHop. “He’s no longer with us,” the source said. “We are in the process of putting together a benefit concert, hopefully at Saint Andrews to raise money for a funeral.”

He was hospitalized September 6 after suffering from a sudden kidney failure.

As reported on September 7, 2008
After speaking with veteran Flint, Michigan rapper MC Breed's manager, Darryl Morris, has reported that the rapper may be in his final hours, unless he gets some help.

After kidney failure, the rapper, who has spent a great deal of time in his career in Atlanta, was rushed Friday evening to an area hospital. According to the report, Breed had fallen unconscious, needing to be revived three times.

Management told that a Michigan Hip Hop benefit concert may be orchestrated this weekend or early this week to help raise money and awareness for the kidney donor needed to save the 36 year-old's life. No specific artists or location was given.

Having released over a dozen albums, Breed is credited as being the first nationally-recognized rapper from Michigan. He is best remembered for DFC-assisted 1991 hit "Ain't No Future In Yo' Frontin'," and 1993's "I Gotta Get Mines" with Tupac Shakur. The latter attained gold status, and both were released on the independent Ichiban Records.

Born Eric Breed, he had been in the music industry for 15 years. Notable collaborations include the late 2Pac (“Gotta Get Mine), and Too Short. Breed’s biggest single was “Ain’t No Future in Yo Frontin,” which reached number 66 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Breed has also worked with MC Eiht, The D.O.C., Rappin' 4-Tay, Eightball & MJG, and E-40.

R.I.P. Eric Breed

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Sunday, November 9

Time for Change?

Every now and then I have to change speeds and really let you all know what I'm thinking. Now that the week that many people believed to be the greatest moment in America is over - I have a few things floating around in my head. By now, you all know that our President is a Black man. That's fine, and congratulations Barack Obama.

And before I start trying to philosophize my thoughts... I'm going to say that I do not know half of anything political, but what I do know is what I can see or hear with my own ignorant eyes and ears.

So, during this whole Presidential Race I have held a different view... or rather I was looking through a different lens. To those who know me, I may have come across as opposed, disinterested, or just didn't care. Now that the race is over I know what, and how to explain a little more of what I was thinking and feel.

First... the Black Community.
The Black Community is ecstatic about the new President. He looks just like them. Yeah... so. It was the ignorance that had me feeling disconnected with the rest of these fans. Time for Change. Yes, that was the slogan that Obama used during his campaign, but where did that really come from? If you ask me... you can interpret that in your own words or thoughts, but the way that I interpret that is simple. Bush has to leave. He can't do a 3rd term, so he HAS to go - by the rules. It's time for someone new. It's time for change. That's all that slogan means to me. A lot of people took that slogan and made it into a monumental personal desire of what they want to see happen with the United States of America, and thats fine. Black people took that and ran with it. People are expecting a utopia now, or at least something close. That's not going to happen. The USA is so messed up right now from what the last handful of Presidents have done. Each President has had to work at fixing what the prior guy did in office. Now I'd like to straight up say that Bush number 2 was just in there clueless and had his own agenda. In the meantime he messed up even more stuff than anyone before him. Now, the current President (Shout out to Obama) has to fix stuff that Bush, Clinton, and Bush number 1 messed up. This stuff wont be fixed in two terms. Hell, that stuff wont be fixed every probably... who knows?

So, we have all these people from the Black Community saying that a Change is here. They are right, a Change IS here, but what does that really mean? Does that mean that all the deadbeats on the block are going to be educated now, and be positive, integral parts of our society? Does that mean that all the hoes on the corners and in the alley ways are going to turn into housewives? What does this Change really mean? Well in my eyes I see this Change only affecting things that are so minuscule at first that we, the regular American people wont even notice them. Obama is not going to get your cousin Ray Ray who spent 15 years of his life locked up - a job. Obama is not going to help you get a loan for that house - with bad credit. My point is... Yes Obama is going to bring some Change, but as a person... you have to make your own personal changes instead of looking for a handout. He's going to Change some things, but you wont even notice most of them. It's not going to be what you're expecting. Reparations did not come in the form of a Black President.

Just one of the ignorant things I saw on the tube during the Election on Tuesday night was a reporter talking to a voter coming out of her polling place. He asked this Black woman what made this election so special to her. She spoke of the significant things that everyone else had been saying. "This is history in the making, and I want to be apart of it." She was so excited, even though she had just made the 8:00pm cutoff time at 7:42. The reporter asked her who did she vote for. She simply said... "Baracka." Baracka. Yeah... Baracka with an A at the end. After all of this time, she couldn't even say the man's name correct on National television. Stuff like that makes me think that we need to THANK whoever forced her to get off the couch at 7:30pm to go vote. (Thank you Friend!)

White America
Racism has been the driving factor for this place we call America for as long as people have been here. Now, the people you work with everyday are almost convinced that racism is over since we have a Black President. Really? 70 people voted for Obama, and 30 people voted for McCain. I'm willing to bet that there is a great number of people from that 30 who were saying, "Fuck yall niggers" while they were filling out their ballots. The other portion were Black people, and there is nothing wrong with them making that choice - that's the power of being able to vote. But my point is that racism has not gone anywhere. White people people have created a systematic form of racism that allows them to just sit back and watch Black people get electrocuted when they try to touch that fence. Just because white people voted for Obama obviously - does not mean that we have reached what Dr. King and Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks stood (or sat) for. In some aspects, sure. There would have never been a Black President in their times, so there IS something to be excited about. It's more exciting from a historical standpoint, than from a "How will the economy change" standpoint.

Wasn't it funny, and didn't it feel funny on Wednesday when all the White people you work with were hesitant to speak about the Election results? But once you brought it up they were ecstatic to talk about it. They didn't want to assume that just because you were Black - you voted for Obama. Every White person I know had a aura around them that said we're waiting to see how you're going to respond to this Black President. They were waiting to see if I packed watermelon in my lunch. They were waiting to see if I was going to start shucking and jiving, or soft shoeing around the office. That's just the lens that I was looking through. It could have been clouded, but I doubt it.

At the End of the Day
What this is going to mean is that all you dead beats have to get off your ass still. All you dead beat moms still have to get off your ass. Nothing is going to be handed to you since the President looks like you. Hell, he may look like you, but he is still mixed with half of the White man. So, who cares what he looks like? Why not focus on getting your shit together on your own, and not wait or expect a handout? Your job is still going to be the same old shitty experience each day. If there is going to be a significant Change coming, just sit back let it happen while you better yourself on your own. We are never going to get a mule to walk around 40 acres, so stop expecting it. If you want a mule go get one. If you want 40 acres, fix your damn credit and go get it. Me personally... I don't want a mule or 40 acres. Well, maybe 40 acres, but I'm content with knowing that the sun might come up tomorrow.

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Saturday, November 8

Royce Da 5'9" - The Album

Track Listing
1. Promise Land
2. Heat To the Streets (feat. Kid Vishis)
3. Give Up Your Guns (feat. Talib Kweli / Raekwon)
4. J Ro vs. Mike B (skit)
5. We Deep (feat. Trick Trick)
6. Rewind
7. Gun Music
8. Bad Guy
9. Let's Talk (feat. Black Milk)
10. We Everywhere (feat. Kid Vishis)
11. Been Shot Down
12. Angel
13. On The Low

From the time he spit on Bad Meets Evil with Ememin most people knew this dude was destined for greatness. A Detroit native who keeps the swagger at an all time high. Royce has been flooding websites and mixtapes as of recent. He's been working hard with Joe Budden and some other Slaughterhouse peeps. Royce has also been keeping in the family with projects with Black Milk and Elzhi, more Detroit concoctions for you.

This album/mixtape from Royce is a pretty solid pick up. Production includes Green Lantern, 9th Wonder (another cat who is submerged in the craft these days), Nottz, and Black Milk. The album is pure Hip Hop banging at its greatest. If you were feeling Rock City, Death is Certain, any of the M.I.C mixtapes... you'll bang this. Royce for some reason seems stronger these days than ever before to me though. His flow seems to have a freshness to it... Maybe it's just because he seems to be everywhere I turn now. Can't knock that by any means. Don't be fooled by the "Mixed by DJ Green Lantern" print on the album cover... Lantern did no mixing, unless he mixed the track order. He has a hand in some of the production, but that's it.

If you can bob your head to this, I'd advise you to check out Elzhi's - The Preface, Black Milk's - Tronic.

I'm going to let you all go now so that you can spend some of that good check money on this new album and spend your weekend getting the experience.

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Thursday, November 6

Royce 5’9 Inks Solo Deal With ONE Records

Royce 5’9 and his M.I.C. imprint are teaming up with One Records for the release of Royce’s highly-anticipated forthcoming solo-LP Street Hop, due out in the first quarter of 2009. The album is executive produced by DJ Premier and has generated a major buzz through overwhelming critical praise.

A video for Street Hop’s lead-single, the DJ Premier-produced “Shake This,” will be released later this month. Directed by Rik Cordero (responsible for Nas’ “The N Word”, Snoop Dogg’s “Neva Have 2 Worry” & The Roots “75 Bars”), this video will be the first of two collaborations between Royce and Cordero. “Shake This” will also be accompanied by the Carlos Broady produced B-Side single and video “Part Of Me”.

Street Hop will also feature production from DJ Premier, Nottz, Green Lantern, Carlos Broady, Ski, Kay Gee and Emile, and guest appearances from Bun B, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and Crooked I along with a few other surprises that will be unveiled at a later date.

Royce’s mixtapes have built anticipation, becoming a countdown leading up to the day that the actual album is finally available for public consumption. And what the public hears on his wildly-popular mixtapes is just a taste of what Royce has to offer. “This album will definitely show the world why I'm the one to watch right now. I'm happy about my new partnership between M.I.C and One Records, because it’s time to ignite the streets.”

Royce’s unwavering passion for music and hunger for the game keeps him in the studio day and night. This album will be the true beginning of a newly energized Royce, which will start with Street Hop and live through his official forthcoming solo-projects. Knowing that his finest creations are only months away from being heard, Royce exudes a swag of confidence. “I’m ready to show all these other rappers just how wack they really are.”

Royce 5’9 is the newest addition to the upstart One Records imprint, home to the recently released Vast Aire’s latest solo-LP Dueces Wild (2008). Promoting quality over quantity, One Records owner Hanley Halem attests that his motto “One Music, One Record At A Time” is further validated by their alignment with Royce as he laments, "One Records is proud to be in business with Royce. He is an amazing talent and we feel that he has yet to reach his peak as an artist. Street Hop is a breath of fresh air, at a time when the industry really needs it and we are anxiously looking forward to releasing it.”

Royce will be embarking on a tour with D-12 and Joe Budden on November 12th thru the top of 2009, where he will be previewing tracks from Street Hop and new material from his recently released mixtape Bar Exam 2.

Courtesy of MAC Media

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Sunday, November 2

The Foreign Exchange

Talk about a great find. While you all are just becoming acquainted with the skills of Phonte and Little Brother... Just when you're thinking to yourself, "Damn, dude has skills." Then The Foreign Exchange summons from the underground to the Hip Hop world. The Foreign Exchange is a group composed of Phonte and Netherlands producer, Nicolay. The two started off by just exchanging music over message boards before ever meeting. Nicolay would put together the beat then send them to Phonte through instant messages, email, and traditional mail. Phonte would then spit to goods and send them back to be mastered. They didn't meet physically until they started touring for the first album (Connected). Talk about technology. Wow!

But wait... that's not the most surprising part. Many of you will cop the album looking to hear Phonte spitting crazy as usual, but you'd be hard pressed to find the same old Phonte. Dude is humming... harmonizing... SINGING. Without the T-Pain Tone either. Of course it wouldn't be the same without some spitting though.

Now they have completed their 2nd album together and not many people have been talking about it. It's a smooth jazz, hip hop feel that easily will be adopted by older heads. The 2nd album is called Leave It All Behind. Now the two can work in a much easier capacity as they both live in North Carolina now.

Listening to this album is like waking up on Sunday morning, and sitting on the porch on a warm sunny day. This is a testament to how creative and skilled these artists are today. Not many rappers are willing to take a risk such as this... let alone be successful at it. Shout out to Phonte and Nicolay for blessing us all with something fresh and organic. Get up on it people.

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For all the Lupe fans, the album is dropping in '09 and word is that it's going to be a 3 disc album.

Disc 1 - Everywhere
Disc 2 - Nowhere
Disc 3 - Down Here

And together they will form LupE.N.D.

Stay on ya toes until... The End.

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Tuesday, October 28

New EPMD album drops on December 9

Since 1999's Out of Business, we all have been waiting on something else from EPMD. We failed to believe that Erick and Parrish would be done for good. There were talks that something was in the works, and now there is a concrete date for you to hit up the music stores. December 9th... a good holiday stocking stuffer. Guests for the album include Redman, Prodigy from Mobb Deep, 9th Wonder, Raekwon, and KRS-1. Don't play yaself and leave this joint on the shelves.

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Tuesday, October 21

Cam'Ron's Rhyme Book

I know this is plenty old, and some of you may have seen this already... I can't help it though. Each time I look at this it nearly brings me to tears. I laugh just as hard every time. Cam'Ron is a lyrical genius... in his own mind, but no one's hating. Even I'm a Pimp in my own mind. So, without further ado... I'd like to present to you all... The Rhyme Book. The Killer Rhyme Book... of Cam'Ron Giles.

Oh.. and shout out to for finding and stealing this dude's rhyme book for the whole world to see.

And there you have it folks... The power of the pen. The swagger in a notebook. Dipset, Birdgang... Oh Boy!

Hope you all are feeling the swagger as much as I am. I'm wearing pink sweat pants, purple socks, and a pink beater. WIth some Pink and Purple Air Forces... My swagger is at a hundred, thousand, trillion!

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10 Year Class Reunion

10 years ago makes it 1998. To some, just another year. To Hip Hop Heads... it was a great year. 10 years ago the Hip Hop game was flooded with countless albums that are today considered classics. It was around the time that I was winding down my high school years... It was around the time that Def Jam and The Source were major references for Hip Hop Heads. Everything that you wanted to hear or read about was somehow connected to Def Jam or spread out in The Source. It was around the time when we were all still getting over the deaths of Pac and Big. It was around the time that Napster was just about to be up and running strong. It was around the time when today's Hip Hop Forbes members were just starting to really shine. Puff was still going by Puff Daddy, and Bad Boy was in it's prime. Jay-Z was taking over the throne in New York while sending Roc-A-Fella into lift off. And believe it or not that was just before 50 started dropping names on How To Rob in '99. Dru Hill and Sysco... DJ Clue and Funkmaster Flex... So much was going on 10 years ago. Busta Rhymes still had dreads, Snoop Dogg was testing the waters with No Limit, and Eminem was signing the papers with Dre and Aftermath.

In 1998 Hip Hop was alive and well. There was no doubt that Hip Hop would be around forever. Everything was strong and in full effect. But what about the albums that dropped that year alone, and that's not including the album per week quota that No Limit was producing. I'm talking about the real lyrical, real musical, and real Hip Hop. Well... I guess I shouldn't say REAL HIP HIP, because one could argue that No Limit and their down south movement really meant a lot. And now that I think about it... that was some real Hip Hop type stuff for you. I wont go into details... If you can remember back in those days then you know what I'm talking about. But I want to focus on the other albums... the more mainstream events that were taking place.

Here is a list of a few albums that dropped in 1998... Of course there are plenty more, so feel free to add others.

1. Jay-Z - Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life

2. Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

3. Black Star - Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star

4. Gang Starr - Moment of Truth

5. Outkast - Aquemini

6. Big Punisher - Capital Punishment

7. Onyx - Shut 'Em Down

8. N.O.R.E.

9. Fat Joe –Don Cartagena

10. The Lox – Money, Power, Respect

11. DMX – It’s Dark and Hell is Hot

12. DMX – Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood

13. Redman – Doc’s Da Name

14. Scarface – My Homies

15. Juvenile – 400 Degreez

16. Method Man – Tical 2000: Judgement Day

17. Jermaine Dupri – Life In 1472

Like I said... feel free to reminisce and add any that I may have forgotten. Hopefully this will make you go run to your old cd booklets and listen to some of these classics. Back before you were downloading every album.

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Wednesday, October 1

Rap City Coming to an End

Remember the days of "The Mayor" riding through Compton with NWA? What about the days of Big Lez and Joe Clair? Well surely you remember the days of Tigga and Momma Tigga. If not, then you have been trapped in a basement for real. Rap City was Church to many of us 5 days a week, and now arguably one of the biggest sources for us heads is now coming to a end.

Courtesy of HipHopDX's Edwin Ortiz

BET’s Rap City could well be considered one of the quintessential shows for promoting Hip Hop on television. Along with an organic vibe, it gives in-depth interviews and freestyles from the artists we love. Sadly, all great things come to an end.

According to’s Sound Off blog, Rap City and its two decades of Hip Hop history will be hanging its close sign up. Serving as a platform for well-established rappers and newcomers alike, Rap City made its debut in 1989 with host Chris Thomas (known as “The Mayor”), quickly becoming a must-watch for Hip Hop heads. By 1999, the show changed its name to Rap City: Tha Basement, and with new host Big Tigger, further supplanted itself as a major music source that lasted well into the next decade, with various hosts latching on to bring it new flavor.

However, recent times haven’t looked so great for the BET mainstay. After losing financial sponsorship this year [click to read] and with ratings slowly decreasing, Rap City became a question mark that wasn’t leading to any significant answers. In turn, BET has decided to replace the show in an effort to bring ratings back to a comfortable position.

The show taking its place, The Deal, has been described as a multi-faceted hour-long segment. Hosted by DJ Diamond Kutz, The Deal will begin its tenure on November 10th, following the official finale of Rap City.

Along with artist drop-ins and Hip Hop commentary, one of the main proponents of The Deal will feature a similar scheme to Vh1’s Pop Up Video, which aired from 1996 to 2002. As BET puts it, The Deal will play “the latest and great videos that include pop-up information, facts and quirky tidbits on the artist and/or the song itself,” a description closely resembling Pop Up Video’s “info nuggets.” Rap City’s most symbolic segment, "the booth," will also continue its presence on The Deal.

HipHopDX will keep you posted on any new developments concerning the end of Rap City and the emergence of The Deal.

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Sunday, September 21

Andre Benjamin to be Exact

Andre 3000 has stated that his upcoming solo album will be released earlier than expected. Expected release date is sometime before the end of the year, or early '09. Don't expect many collaboration projects on this one either, but who needs collabos when you're as talented as 3000?

3 Stacks has also stated that he doesn't like the high expectations that many give him. He'd rather you call him wack, which in turn forces him to work even harder to put out something superb. So, let's all talk about how much we hate Mr. Benjamin. Dude is wack as hell... Easily the worst MC coming out of the whole Dungeon crew.

I hope that helps.

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Saturday, September 20

Immortal Technique Announces Europe Tour

Immortal Technique And The 3rd World Go World Wide

Immortal Technique announces Europe tour and prepares for international shows starting mid-September.

Miami, Florida US – September 10, 2008 – Immortal Technique expands his revolutionary efforts with an upcoming European Tour, promoting his latest billboard-charted album, The 3rd World. The tour currently consists of 11 stops, beginning in Amsterdam on September 14th, and running through to September 29th, ending in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Accompanied by labelmates Diabolic and DJ GI Joe, the tour will also showcase local support in efforts to build strength in the Hip-Hop communities across the continent. His impact has even reached UFC title-contender Rashad Evans, who entered the arena this past Saturday with Immortal Technique’s “Point Of No Return” track, leading to his victory over Chuck Liddell in the main card match.

Immortal Technique recently wrapped up his US national tour, which, including his Rock The Bells schedule, totaled to over 30 shows in a month and a half. Immortal Technique is honored and equally astounded to have performed at both amphitheatres holding 20,000+ attendants and the more medium-sized venues packing 1,500 supporters.
“Hip Hop is not dead, it just lives under occupation. But there is a guerrilla force out there fighting and it is not just rappers but the people who make up these communities and support real music, especially independent street music.” – Immortal Technique

The 3rd World has successfully charted over 45,000 units independently, and garnered show reviews and features on weekly papers across the country, along with recognition on national magazines such as XXL, The Source, and Urb Magazine.
“The 3rd World sets out to make the connections between hip-hop and geopolitics even more explicit, by drawing parallels between corporate exploitation of third-world labor and the record industry’s exploitation of musical talent.” – Jesse Serwer, Urb Magazine

His Europe shows precede his international tour schedule, more dates to be announced soon.

Watch him live at the following shows-
Sept. 14 – Melkweg – 1017 PH, Amsterdam
Sept. 16 – Vega - Copenhagen
Sept. 17 – Nosturi – Helsinki, FIN
Sept. 18 – Stadtgarten – Cologne, GER
Sept. 20 – Coronet Theatre – London, UK
Sept. 22 – Arena – Vienna, Austria
Sept. 24 – John Dee – Oslo, Norway
Sept. 25 – Mejeret – Lund, Sweden
Sept. 26 – Rote Fabrik – Zurich, SWI
Sept. 28 – Andrew's Lane Theatre – Dublin 2, Ireland
Sept. 29 – TBA – Belfast, Northern Ireland

About Immortal Technique:
Immortal Technique is the voice of those victim to Government's lies and carnage. A Revolutionary and intense rapper, Immortal Technique has toured the world, gracing publications like The Source, XXL, The Washington Post, Playboy and even featured on the cover of URB magazine. While his lyrics are controversial, they are meaningful ideas and circumstances based on FACT. He has kept busy with promotion of his latest release, "The 3rd World" growing steadily by the day. This album brings together Immortal Technique and DJ Green Lantern (DJ for Jay Z & Sirius Satellite) as they complete their vision of colliding their worlds into one full-length album. The mix of street Hip Hop with the vivid landscapes of global struggle proves that world politics and music politics are almost one in the same. While still a full-length album, DJ Green Lantern blends and mixes it from start to finish, with about a 1/3 of the production to his name. Expect to hear Immortal Technique's striking lyrics on an even more street influenced production that occasionally fortifies him to show his bi-lingual versatility on the mic.

More info:
Immortal Technique MySpace
Immortal Technique Official Website

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Big Shug - Otherside of the Game



After trailblazing around the globe numerous times with Gang Starr as a core member of the Gang Starr Foundation, Big Shug, who has appeared on Gang Starr’s classics such as 1994’s Hard To Earn “F.A.L.A.,” 1998’s Moment Of Truth “The Militia” and 2003’s Gold-certified The Ownerz “Capture” (Militia Pt.3), follow’s up his 2007 sophomore LP, Streetchamp, with his latest street savvy endeavor Otherside Of The Game, which will be released on 11-4-08.

Staying true to the Gang Starr Foundation formula, Big Shug recreates his indelible bond with DJ Premier on Otherside Of The Game, as DJ Premier chips in with four tracks, including the street-bangers ”My Boston” f/Termanology and Singapore Kane and “Like A Muhfucka.” Shug also recreates his chemistry with MoSS (AZ, Joell Ortiz, Sean Price, Ghostface, Joe Budden) on five tracks including the standout “Murdapan.”

Otherside Of The Game also features guest appearances from Billy Danze of M.O.P., Termanology, Bumpy Knuckles (AKA Freddie Foxxx), Blaq Poet and Singapore Kane.

Be sure to also check out Big Shug as he holds down co-hosting duties on DJ Premier’s Sirius Satellite Radio show “Live From HeadQCourterz” every Friday night from midnight-2AM.

Tracklisting and credits for Big Shug’s Otherside Of The Game:

1.) Intro
2.) Soundcheck (produced by DJ Premier)
3.) When I Strike (produced by DJ Premier)
4.) What it Means f/Billy Danze of M.O.P. & Frankie Wainwright (Produced by Soul Professa)
5.) Like A Muhfucka (produced by DJ Premier)
6.) Murdapan (produced by MoSS)
7.) 123 Bang f/Bumpy Knuckles & Hectic of ST. (produced by MoSS)
8.) Bring It Back (produced by MoSS)
9.) My Boston f/Termanology & Singapore Kane (Produced by DJ Premier)
10.) Better (Produced by Lee Bannon)
11.) Lonely Heart (Produced by Purpose)
12.) The Meaning Of Hardcore (produced by MoSS)
13.) Protection (produced by Lee Bannon)
14.) Militant Soldiers II f/Blaq Poet and Singapore Kane (produced by MoSS)
15.) Keep Calling Me (produced by Jay Quest)
16.) Young Death (produced by Gemz)

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Swagga Like Puff

Diddy has entirely too much time on his hands. Shouldn't dude be doing reality tv on MTV?

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Tuesday, September 16

Padded Room Needs More Padding...

Due to complications with the physical product, “Padded Room,” Joe Budden’s highly anticipated sophomore album through industry innovators Amalgam Digital, has been pushed back from October 28th 2008 to February 24th 2009.
Always loyal to fans, Joe Budden and Amalgam Digital have decided to release “The Halfway House,” a digital-only album featuring 14 brand new songs on October 28th as an intermediary album in place of “Padded Room”. Amalgam and Budden are setting a new precedent with this album, as it will be the first digital-only hip-hop release employing both traditional marketing methods (commercial radio, video, advertising campaigns, etc.) and new media viral marketing initiatives. The album will be released exclusively in digital format on, iTunes, and other key digital retailers.

“Though I’m not happy about it being pushed so far back, I do understand the method behind the madness. We've got an album I’m extremely proud of and a lead single that Amalgam Digital and I are both very happy with, but for those of you who are just as anxious as I am, I apologize,”
said Joe Budden.

Amalgam Digital released the following statement:
"There is a popular misconception that Amalgam Digital is strictly an internet label. Although the label places a strong focus on new media marketing initiatives, promotions, and distributing digital releases, the company is actually still releasing physical CD’s as well. While Amalgam has a unique and progressive strategy, the company still faces the same issues and delays every major label encounters when dealing with physical product. Despite the climate at retail and 4th quarter delays that prevent “Padded Room” from being released in October 2008, we stand behind Joe Budden and believe he should have the opportunity to release music to his fans. Together our proactive strategy will include releasing a digital only album from Joe Budden entitled "The Halfway House" that will be available exclusively in the digital format on October 28th, 2008 followed by Joe Budden's "Padded Room" which will be available in both digital and CD format in stores worldwide February 24th, 2009. The artist’s profit margin will be substantially higher on the digital release and so we urge Joe Budden fans to show support by purchasing the digital album, “The Halfway House,”
direct from the website.”

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Saturday, September 13

Damn Mane

Instead of uplifting this culture we call Hip Hop, and trying to keep it alive - Gucci Mane is more focused on how he would look in a orange jumpsuit behind bars.

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Big Pooh Feat. Chaundon & Joe Scudda "Plastic Cups"

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Friday, September 12

Kanye West Flips on the Paparazzi

Kanye West and Manager Don C wilds out on the paparazzi at the airport.

Kanye was just keeping it Gangsta in his pink polo...

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Saturday, September 6

MC Breed Failing

Flint, Michigan rapper/legend is in the hospital in critical condition where he is on life support due to kidney failure. Breed is known for countless tracks and collaborations with some of rap's biggest names. 2Pac, Too $hort, Dr. Dre, and many more. Tracks like Aint No Future in Yo Frontin' and Gotta Get Mine Feat. 2Pac are timeless classics that you may want to reminisce on.

Stay up Breed... from one Flint Town bred to another. From the same neighborhood... York Ave and Lorado Ave all day. Someone get this man a kidney ASAP.

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Friday, September 5

Faith, Biggie, and Pac

Keep the Faith. New book by Faith Evans goes in to detail about Faith Evans journey through life citing moments in time where she duked down Lil Kim after catching her in bed with Biggie. Sneaking into his townhouse with the black skullie, walking into the bedroom, and snatching off Kim's wig while throwing them blows. She also goes into detail about her relationship with Biggie and her numerous cheating episodes. Also, her supposed relationship with 2Pac.

Cited in her book is an incident where she met up 2Pac, and this happened...

I had to think of how I would reassure Big that nothing happened with ‘Pac,” Faith says in her book. “I hadn’t been completely innocent. While I was in Los Angeles, I’d had sex occasionally with Terry Dollars. And I’d even seen Roger, the NBA player, a few times when he was in town. So technically, I had cheated on Big. But not with Tupac.”

Faith does also document how her relationship was with Tupac as she cites an occasion where she went to pick up a check from ‘Pac for a guest appearance on a song. She explains in great detail the paranoia surrounding Tupac and how he felt that he was set up by Biggie and Diddy. Upon arriving at the studio, she recalls how ‘Pac treated her.

“'The situation with the money is like this,’ he said. ‘If I give it to you, then you my bitch.

‘Your what,” I said. I felt a chill go up my back.

‘You heard me. You gotta be my bitch’.

I got up and moved farther away from where he was standing.

‘I’m not anybody’s bitch,’ I said, trying to keep my voice steady.

‘You Biggie’s bitch.’”

From there, things went from bad to worse according to Faith.

“‘So you not trying to suck my dick?’

‘What!’ I screamed. ‘What are you talking about?’

Tupac raised his voice. ‘You know you want to suck my dick, bitch! Don’t fucking lie.’ I burst into tears and grabbed my purse. ‘I have to get outta here.’

Tupac kept going. He was making no sense, cursing and yelling. He said something about Big and the East Coast.

‘But…but…I…thought y’all were friends,’ I said. At this point, I could barely speak clearly because I was crying so hard.

‘Whatever. You know you wanna be my bitch’ he said, before going into the bedroom area and slamming the door.

I can picture this scene right now, and I'm trying not to laugh. I can see Pac gone off that good high and Hennessey while being more than straight up with Faith.

Should be a interesting read for you people out there that can read. Add it to the collection and support Faith.

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Wednesday, September 3

Kiss My Ass!

Jadakiss is slated to drop his 3rd solo album around the Halloween season. Late October, early November is what he's shooting for... but the sooner the better. He's hoping for big things after leaving Interscope for Roc-A-Fella Records last year. Guest appearances include label mates Styles and Sheek from Ruff Ryders Records, Jay-Z, and Jeezy. So kiddies, save up your allowance and cop Kiss' new work - Kiss My Ass.

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Saturday, August 30

Yung Berg beat up and Jacked... In Detroit

Berg was in Detroit a couple of weekends ago at club Plan B. Well, seems he should have either stuck with plan A, or threw plan b out the window and went straight to plan c... or just stayed his ass at home. Berg apparently was at the club shouting his displeasure with Detroit, "F*%# Detroit!" and that's all it took for plan b to go miserably wrong. Trick Trick and some other affiliates were apart of a melee that left Berg without clothes and his Megatron chain. Now Trick Trick will tell you to go holla at Bow Wow Wow if you want to see the chain, but who knows. Trick Trick also claims to not have even been apart of this whole skirmish. The truth of the matter is this... Yung Berg's chain is gone, and he probably lost his card to even come back to The D. So long Berg... looks like you got the business that night.

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Whatever You Like

It's official. TIPs single "Whatever You Like" has made the biggest jump in Billboard history to the top spot. In just three weeks the single went from #71 to #1. Whoa! Apparently the 205,000+ downloads is the reason for this incredible jump to the top. Papertrail is only one of the few highly anticipated albums for this summer's end/fall along with Jeezy's "The Recession," and The Game's "LAX." TI seem's to be in for another big year, look out for him. Now, if he can just stay out of trouble.

What Ever You Like - T.I.

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Friday, August 29

Elzhi's Preface, Postface

if you're not from Detroit you may not know who I'm talking about. You may not even know how to pronounce dude's name. It's pronounced like this, L's Eye. He spent time spitting with Slum Village before he decided to branch out on his own and head for the spotlight alone.

The new album, The Preface is one of those albums that is absolutely underground and an indie... but has the potential to make it to the top. It can compete with every mainstream album that has been released this year and in prior years. It will outlast many albums that you probably think are classics from this year. If you haven't heard the album go cop it.

With tracks like Motown 25 Feat. Royce Da 5'9 you get to witness Elzhi and Royce go back and forth until Elzhi eventually run's a circle around Royce. Then there is the Fire Rmx featuring a ton of talent from the corners of Detroit. You get a taste of Black Milk, unlawful skill from Guilty Simpson, Fatt Father, Danny Brown, and Fat Ray. Save Ya and What I Write are more bangers. I could literally write every track down as a banger from this album, but I'll let you decide for yourself. The album is easily a 10 stars out of 10... 5 mic from The Source... a A+.

So if you still haven't went out and copped this, then something must be wrong with your feet.

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Saturday, August 16

Touch & Go by Joe Budden

From Joe Budden's second release on Amaglam - The Padded Room, slated to release in mid-October... Touch & Go. It's a radio joint, but it's undeniably a head nodder.

Take a listen.

Touch & Go (Radio) - Joe Budden

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New Greg Street Feat. Nappy Roots Video

Click Here to see Greg Street's new video, Good Day.

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Friday, August 15

Master P set to explore Television world

By Ismael AbduSalaam
Entrepreneur P. Miller today confirmed the launch of Better Black Television, a family-oriented cable network set to debut in 2009.

Dubbed BBTV, the network promises to cover the diverse experience of African-American culture by offering a myriad of genres: politics, movies, teen and children’s educational programming, animation, sports, and news.

In response to the criticism leveled at BET’s music video choices, the network has guaranteed to deliver “responsible Hip-Hop music and videos.”

P. Miller will oversee the channel as its chairman and CEO.

The advisory board team includes Oscar winner Denzel Washington, NAACP executive director Vicangelo Bullock, Hip-Hop founder Kool Herc, cable industry veteran Professor Sal Martino, and real estate mogul Curtis Oakes.

While seen as a risky business endeavor, Miller states he’s planned this venture for several years and feels he has gathered a strong team to uphold his vision.

“I believe that there is a market in our community for a new diverse network,” he explains. “(A network) that provides superior programming that caters to all aspects of television, from reality to original programming. We believe TV content can be positive and responsible and still have good ratings with great content.”

Aware that his network will be seen as a direct challenge to Viacom and its BET and MTV brands, Miller remained diplomatic on his competition.

“I have a great relationship with BET and MTV and will continue to work with them and support their networks,” he states.

Miller also had kind words for controversial BET founder Bob Johnson, who he credits as a mentor to his cable network plans.

“I remember him telling me back in the day that if you wanted to know real estate, you’ve got to hang out with real estate investors,” Miller explicates. “If you wanted to know sports, you’ve got to hang out with athletes. I wanted to know TV, so I hung out with Bob and learned the TV game from one of the best in the business.”

BBTV’s news programs have begun airing in Florida, Louisiana, California, and New York.

At press time, the network is purchasing local cable channel affiliates in preparation for its 2009 debut.

Courtesy of

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The Game Feat. Nas - Letter to the King

Check out The Game and Nas going hard...

Do I sense a little tension towards Jay-Z?

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Saturday, August 2

Ludacris representing Obama

Ludacris dropped a single titled "Politics (Obama is Here)." Unfortunately the song is not being welcomed by Obama's party. Ludacris urges African Americans to go out and vote or the end will be near. He disses opposing candidates McCain and Clinton, along with your President G.W. Obama's camp have stamped the song as being "outrageously offensive."

You want to know what I think? No, well who cares... stop reading. I think that Obama and his camp is glad to have the support from the African American community behind them, why wouldn't they. But how would it look if Obama and his party was openly supporting a "gangster rappers" ode to support the potential new President?

It's all good Obama, we know you love Luda. You don't have to front.

Check it out....

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Hot Boyz Reunion

For all you Hot Boyz and Cash Money fans from back in the day... THEY'REEEEEEEEEE BAAAAAACCK.

BG has a new single that features Juve and Lil Wayne... BG rips it like he does, and the other two came pretty tough as well.

Check it out for yourself.

Hey, I'm not really sure what that means, but be prepared and brace yourself for some good things to come in the future.

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Jeezy luv the Kids

Jeezy is not only strengthening his street cred with tracks like Put On, but dude is raising eyebrows from the educational system. Jeezy has done things for kids in the past like providing Toyz for kids in the hood. This time he is having a back to school give back and event giveaway. Jeezy has teamed his organization CTE (Corporate Thugz Entertainment) with the Boys and Girls Club, and local radio stations in Atlanta for this event. It's heard that Jeezy will be giving away clothes, school materials, and other beneficial things for kids heading back to school. Some of the things on the list: Jordan Brand clothes, shoes, backpacks, Akademiks clothing, and the list goes on. I wish I had someone doing this kind of stuff when I was a young one going to school in my Wranglers and Lee's. Big ups to Jeezy for this one.

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Friday, August 1

Skillz got Skills

For all you out there who are lost and confused, and searching for something to listen to that isn't a constant spin on your local radio station - never fear Skillz is here. The 2 up 2 down backpacker has formatted a project that will easily satisfy you with what I'm going to call Irsecs (ear sex). Many of you know Skillz as the independent, do it my way punchliner and ghostwriter. This album makes it evident that Skillz is a hip hop junkie who writes for the love of the life of hip hop.

There are a number of tracks that will keep you from using your finger to hit the skip button. The album starts off providing just the right amount of anticipation for the listener as you squint to decipher what he's saying through a distorted mic. Quality opening track though. Most people may be used to the hardcore head nodding Skillz, and you get that when he features Freeway on Don't Act Like You Don't Know. It's Freeway at his best along with Skillz spitting nonstop over a beat that intertwines well with the two flows.

Skillz slows things down for a few tracks to feed you more of a mellowed, smoothed out listening. So Far, So Good has Common sharing the mic with Skillz. It has a real beautiful music feeling. It's typical style for Common as he flourishes as always. That track is followed by the lead single, Sick. Skillz doesn't proclaim himself as the greatest rapper alive, yet he delivers various reason to why and how long he has been Sick. Quality single to lead the album off with. Guest appearance by Black Thought is used to shine up an already shiner in Hold Tight. Skillz delivers, but Thought adds something else to the track that puts it up there with the top tracks of the album.

The album finishes off fairly strong as Skillz lets everyone know why he is independently trying to keep hip hop alive with this album. It's classic hip hop music for those of you who are tired of all the common beats being played today. If you are a true music lover you can't sleep on this album. Not the best of the summer or the year, but good music is good music. Go cop a couple albums.

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Sunday, July 27

Rick Ross... To Be, or Not To Be?

That is the question.

Rick Ross the proclaimed BOSS. How about William Roberts, the former Corrections Officer? That sounds more like it. He is guilty of swagger jacking, hell personality jacking. Apparently the real Rick Ross has stood up and expressed that he tried to tell William Roberts to be himself. William Roberts claims to be the new age Freeway Ricky Ross, from the beard on down to the lifestyle. In reality, WIlliam Roberts was a Corrections Officer before he hit it big with his first rap single.

This whole thing reminds me of CB4. You remember... Albert and his buddies are aspiring rappers, but the real drug lord/club owner aint feeling them. Once MC Gusto gets arrested, Albert takes on his moniker and becomes a huge hit in the rap world. Yes, it sounds pretty similar to William Roberts. The new MC Gusto.

via Allhiphop

Incarcerated former drug kingpin “Freeway” Ricky Ross has decided to break his silence on the recent revelations into the past of the rapper that bears his name, Miami artist Rick Ross.

Since the rapper’s debut, many have wondered of a possible connection, since the artist not only bears the name of the former kingpin, but also sports a similar beard and cites stories of extensive drug and criminal activity in his rhymes.

Now that the rapper, real name William Roberts, has been confirmed to have worked as a correction officer, the original Ricky Ross tells that he attempted to steer his rap counterpart away from public embarrassment.

“After seeing all the stuff that has been going on with the Correctional Officer (William Roberts) that stole my name, [it] makes me think back to a year and a half ago when we spoke,” Ross explained to “I tried to talk to him like a big brother and let him know to be you, and that he couldn’t be me. And that if he wanted to rap the lifestyle that he couldn’t frame it based on my life.”

Roberts has repeatedly denied that he based his music persona on the real Ross’ criminal exploits.

Ross, who today regrets the actions that helped destroy his community and land him in prison, can only shake his head at the unnecessary predicament Roberts has put himself in.

“How different his life would have been if he would have taken my advice,” Ross reflected. “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.”

In the early and mid 80’s, Ross controlled most of the Los Angeles drug trade, and had ties to the Iran-Contra scandal due to his suppliers.

In 1996 Ross was sentenced to life in prison for attempting to purchase over 100 kilos from a federal agent.

He successfully appealed and had his sentence reduced to 20 years. Ross is scheduled to be released on August 13, 2010.

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Nas Protest against Fox News

Nas protests against Fox News... those Sly Foxes.

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Little Wayne

Ok. Now some may call me a Lil Wayne hater, and some of you fools will understand. For some reason or another Lil Wayne gets more attention than most rappers from people all over the world. Say Lil Wayne and you're in for a discussion, debate, argument, or some other form of conversational volley. Just open any blog, forum, or website and you'll see how there are 100+ comments all about how Lil Wayne is great or how stinks worst than corn in human feces.

What I'm trying to get to - and I've said this before... dude is not wack. He is not the greatest rapper alive either. This Carter III album is not great, but it's ok. I've never said that it was garbage... just doesn't sound like the album of the greatest rapper alive. Now if you go back before the 1 million mixtapes and guest appearances, The Carter II is twice as good as The Carter III. Yeah, I know that's just my opinion, but I'm going to step out and say that my opinion counts more than yours. Ha! Whatever the case... just go through and pound for pound, track for track - The Carter II is more consistent than The Carter III. C3 is an album that focuses on what's hot in the game today (vocoders and guest appearances). C2 has NO T-Pain vocoder, and it does not have a ton of guest appearances (you can count them on one hand). It's just plain and simple more concentrated on. You can visibly see the work put into it. And it SOUNDS good too. I don't know, I can't influence people what to think or who and what to like. So, just take this from me... go listen to both albums and tell me which one lyrically is stronger. Not which one is hotter... that shit doesn't matter. While you're at it, go bang the first Carter album too.

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Saturday, April 26

Come take a Journey

There is more to DocBoone than just HipHop. Come take a journey with me as I sort through my thoughts.

  • Simple Complicated Odyssey's

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    Tuesday, April 22

    Everybody wanna be a Nigga, but nobody wants to be a Nigga.

    Hell is freezing over. Pigs are flying. Fish are walking on land, and white chicks got ass. Nas just might have started something. What might be a small spark could potentially turn into a forest fire. This new Ni**er album is going to be “deep as a skinny girls cunt.” (If you don’t know the quote then you need to get up on ya game). The first single has been dropped, ‘Be A Ni**er too.’ Nas is giving everybody out there who wants to be a nigga the chance. With lines like,

    "Not mad cause Eminem said Ni**er/Cause he’s my Ni**er/Wigger/Cracker friend/We all black within/ We all African within/Some African’s don’t like us no way/A killin happened in Johannesburg yesterday.”

    This album is going to be one that most ignorant chumps are going to have to play on repeat just to understand what dude is saying. Then the other hip hop heads are going to be hitting the repeat button because what dude is saying you wont be able to believe. You’re going to have to play it on repeat just to make sure he said what you thought he said. There is no way that anyone can not put Nas in the top 5 dead or alive after this piece drops.

    This is about as edgy as you can get as not just a rapper, but a entertainer period…

    “To all my Kike Ni**ers, Spic Ni**ers, Guinea Ni**ers, Chink Ni**ers that’s right ya’ll my ni**ers too.”

    Stay tuned for the album dropping July 1, hopefully.

    In the meantime, check out the track on...

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    Sunday, March 16

    Just stopping by

    I don't have too much time on my hands now a days to keep things current, or to let you know what's on my mind... and I apologize for that. People have lives though, escpecially ya boy DocBoone. But at any rate, I just want to use a few minutes to let some of you out there know what's been going on as far as the music game.

    Since the last time we met up it was the whole Kanye and 50 thing going on (damn it's been a while), and the Jay-Z thing American Hustling. Well a couple of albums that I would recommend for all you Hip Hop heads out there, so listen up.

    1. Little Brother - Get Back
    Easily one of my favorites, and the best albums of 2007-08. Every track is a head nodder, and you don't have to worry about people doing the "Superman" to your favorite joint on here either. It's one of those albums where you push play and you can relate or feel where they are coming from. They kept it real Little Brother on this one. Life. It's real simple... you can listen to the album and easily see what they have been going through as individuals. Relationships, college, work, family... all those things that make a life worth living... they touch on from a personal stand point. Now if you can't relate to those things then you definitely wont like the album, so don't even bother. (Top tracks: Breakin' My Heart, Good Clothes, After The Party, Step It Up, Dreams)

    2. Joe Budden - Mood Muzik 3: The Album
    Joe Budden IS the realest rapper alive. It's not about the money and fame, and being on 106 & Park. It's not about having the number 1 video. It's about venting. And that's what Joe Budden does on a album. This album in particular, does not have a bunch of catchy hooks. You wont find a radio friendly joint. And it would be kind of hard to find a track that could even be played religiously on video shows. This album is Mood Muzik. It's therapy for Budden, and it's therapy for anyone else who needs it. Cop the album and have a therapy session or two. This is real life. Get in the Mood. (Top tracks: Dear Diary, Hiatus, Family Reunion, All of Me, Ventilation, Roll Call, Secrets)

    3. Raheem DeVaughn - Love Behind The Melody
    This is a change from the Hip Hop genre that I usually hip you to. This is a soulful dude with a lot to say as well. In my opinion he is very underrated too. Most people are probably asking well first, who the hell is Raheem DeVaughn, or how can you be riding someone so tough after just one album? Well Raheem DeVaughn likes to proclaim himself as the Underground R&B King. This album is his 2nd released album, and is a step up from his solid debut. I'd compare him to Dwele or someone of that nature. This is a album you can ride out too, or pop on while entertaining your lady friend. It's smooth, and even has some moments of uptempo charged kicking it tunes. (Top Tracks: Woman, Love Drug, Energy, Customer, Mo Better, Desire, She's Not You)

    4. Lupe Fiasco: Lupe Fiasco's The Cool
    If you liked Lupe's debut album, then you will definitely be feeling this one. This album is considered a darker version of what preceded it. It's also a sequel to the song, The Cool. You know... the one where old dude resurrects from his grave smelling like Hennessey. This concept album is one that can't be dumbed down any further. Lupe introduced 3 actual charcters with actual personalities. The Cool, The Streets, and The Game. Check out the album and find the concept tracks... there are 5 of them. Yes, that means that you will actually have to listen to the words and the interpret the songs on your own. Who cares if Lupe couldn't remember all the words to Tribe Called Quest's Electric Relaxation. Dude has skills is arguably one of the most creative cats around today.

    And my number 1 disappointment...

    Erykah Badu - New Amerykah Part One (4th World War)

    Just a disclaimer...

    Nothing against your Southern rappers out right now, Plies, Webbie, Flo Rida, and so on. But, That genre of rap isn't what we need right to cleanse our soul as adult Hip Hop Heads. Their music is doing what it do for who it's made to do what it do for. So, stay tuned as I grace your presence some time in the near future.

    Keeping Hip Hop Alive, One Bar at a Time.

    Over and Out, DocBoone