Saturday, August 30

Yung Berg beat up and Jacked... In Detroit

Berg was in Detroit a couple of weekends ago at club Plan B. Well, seems he should have either stuck with plan A, or threw plan b out the window and went straight to plan c... or just stayed his ass at home. Berg apparently was at the club shouting his displeasure with Detroit, "F*%# Detroit!" and that's all it took for plan b to go miserably wrong. Trick Trick and some other affiliates were apart of a melee that left Berg without clothes and his Megatron chain. Now Trick Trick will tell you to go holla at Bow Wow Wow if you want to see the chain, but who knows. Trick Trick also claims to not have even been apart of this whole skirmish. The truth of the matter is this... Yung Berg's chain is gone, and he probably lost his card to even come back to The D. So long Berg... looks like you got the business that night.

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Whatever You Like

It's official. TIPs single "Whatever You Like" has made the biggest jump in Billboard history to the top spot. In just three weeks the single went from #71 to #1. Whoa! Apparently the 205,000+ downloads is the reason for this incredible jump to the top. Papertrail is only one of the few highly anticipated albums for this summer's end/fall along with Jeezy's "The Recession," and The Game's "LAX." TI seem's to be in for another big year, look out for him. Now, if he can just stay out of trouble.

What Ever You Like - T.I.

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Friday, August 29

Elzhi's Preface, Postface

if you're not from Detroit you may not know who I'm talking about. You may not even know how to pronounce dude's name. It's pronounced like this, L's Eye. He spent time spitting with Slum Village before he decided to branch out on his own and head for the spotlight alone.

The new album, The Preface is one of those albums that is absolutely underground and an indie... but has the potential to make it to the top. It can compete with every mainstream album that has been released this year and in prior years. It will outlast many albums that you probably think are classics from this year. If you haven't heard the album go cop it.

With tracks like Motown 25 Feat. Royce Da 5'9 you get to witness Elzhi and Royce go back and forth until Elzhi eventually run's a circle around Royce. Then there is the Fire Rmx featuring a ton of talent from the corners of Detroit. You get a taste of Black Milk, unlawful skill from Guilty Simpson, Fatt Father, Danny Brown, and Fat Ray. Save Ya and What I Write are more bangers. I could literally write every track down as a banger from this album, but I'll let you decide for yourself. The album is easily a 10 stars out of 10... 5 mic from The Source... a A+.

So if you still haven't went out and copped this, then something must be wrong with your feet.

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Saturday, August 16

Touch & Go by Joe Budden

From Joe Budden's second release on Amaglam - The Padded Room, slated to release in mid-October... Touch & Go. It's a radio joint, but it's undeniably a head nodder.

Take a listen.

Touch & Go (Radio) - Joe Budden

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New Greg Street Feat. Nappy Roots Video

Click Here to see Greg Street's new video, Good Day.

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Friday, August 15

Master P set to explore Television world

By Ismael AbduSalaam
Entrepreneur P. Miller today confirmed the launch of Better Black Television, a family-oriented cable network set to debut in 2009.

Dubbed BBTV, the network promises to cover the diverse experience of African-American culture by offering a myriad of genres: politics, movies, teen and children’s educational programming, animation, sports, and news.

In response to the criticism leveled at BET’s music video choices, the network has guaranteed to deliver “responsible Hip-Hop music and videos.”

P. Miller will oversee the channel as its chairman and CEO.

The advisory board team includes Oscar winner Denzel Washington, NAACP executive director Vicangelo Bullock, Hip-Hop founder Kool Herc, cable industry veteran Professor Sal Martino, and real estate mogul Curtis Oakes.

While seen as a risky business endeavor, Miller states he’s planned this venture for several years and feels he has gathered a strong team to uphold his vision.

“I believe that there is a market in our community for a new diverse network,” he explains. “(A network) that provides superior programming that caters to all aspects of television, from reality to original programming. We believe TV content can be positive and responsible and still have good ratings with great content.”

Aware that his network will be seen as a direct challenge to Viacom and its BET and MTV brands, Miller remained diplomatic on his competition.

“I have a great relationship with BET and MTV and will continue to work with them and support their networks,” he states.

Miller also had kind words for controversial BET founder Bob Johnson, who he credits as a mentor to his cable network plans.

“I remember him telling me back in the day that if you wanted to know real estate, you’ve got to hang out with real estate investors,” Miller explicates. “If you wanted to know sports, you’ve got to hang out with athletes. I wanted to know TV, so I hung out with Bob and learned the TV game from one of the best in the business.”

BBTV’s news programs have begun airing in Florida, Louisiana, California, and New York.

At press time, the network is purchasing local cable channel affiliates in preparation for its 2009 debut.

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The Game Feat. Nas - Letter to the King

Check out The Game and Nas going hard...

Do I sense a little tension towards Jay-Z?

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Saturday, August 2

Ludacris representing Obama

Ludacris dropped a single titled "Politics (Obama is Here)." Unfortunately the song is not being welcomed by Obama's party. Ludacris urges African Americans to go out and vote or the end will be near. He disses opposing candidates McCain and Clinton, along with your President G.W. Obama's camp have stamped the song as being "outrageously offensive."

You want to know what I think? No, well who cares... stop reading. I think that Obama and his camp is glad to have the support from the African American community behind them, why wouldn't they. But how would it look if Obama and his party was openly supporting a "gangster rappers" ode to support the potential new President?

It's all good Obama, we know you love Luda. You don't have to front.

Check it out....

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Hot Boyz Reunion

For all you Hot Boyz and Cash Money fans from back in the day... THEY'REEEEEEEEEE BAAAAAACCK.

BG has a new single that features Juve and Lil Wayne... BG rips it like he does, and the other two came pretty tough as well.

Check it out for yourself.

Hey, I'm not really sure what that means, but be prepared and brace yourself for some good things to come in the future.

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Jeezy luv the Kids

Jeezy is not only strengthening his street cred with tracks like Put On, but dude is raising eyebrows from the educational system. Jeezy has done things for kids in the past like providing Toyz for kids in the hood. This time he is having a back to school give back and event giveaway. Jeezy has teamed his organization CTE (Corporate Thugz Entertainment) with the Boys and Girls Club, and local radio stations in Atlanta for this event. It's heard that Jeezy will be giving away clothes, school materials, and other beneficial things for kids heading back to school. Some of the things on the list: Jordan Brand clothes, shoes, backpacks, Akademiks clothing, and the list goes on. I wish I had someone doing this kind of stuff when I was a young one going to school in my Wranglers and Lee's. Big ups to Jeezy for this one.

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Friday, August 1

Skillz got Skills

For all you out there who are lost and confused, and searching for something to listen to that isn't a constant spin on your local radio station - never fear Skillz is here. The 2 up 2 down backpacker has formatted a project that will easily satisfy you with what I'm going to call Irsecs (ear sex). Many of you know Skillz as the independent, do it my way punchliner and ghostwriter. This album makes it evident that Skillz is a hip hop junkie who writes for the love of the life of hip hop.

There are a number of tracks that will keep you from using your finger to hit the skip button. The album starts off providing just the right amount of anticipation for the listener as you squint to decipher what he's saying through a distorted mic. Quality opening track though. Most people may be used to the hardcore head nodding Skillz, and you get that when he features Freeway on Don't Act Like You Don't Know. It's Freeway at his best along with Skillz spitting nonstop over a beat that intertwines well with the two flows.

Skillz slows things down for a few tracks to feed you more of a mellowed, smoothed out listening. So Far, So Good has Common sharing the mic with Skillz. It has a real beautiful music feeling. It's typical style for Common as he flourishes as always. That track is followed by the lead single, Sick. Skillz doesn't proclaim himself as the greatest rapper alive, yet he delivers various reason to why and how long he has been Sick. Quality single to lead the album off with. Guest appearance by Black Thought is used to shine up an already shiner in Hold Tight. Skillz delivers, but Thought adds something else to the track that puts it up there with the top tracks of the album.

The album finishes off fairly strong as Skillz lets everyone know why he is independently trying to keep hip hop alive with this album. It's classic hip hop music for those of you who are tired of all the common beats being played today. If you are a true music lover you can't sleep on this album. Not the best of the summer or the year, but good music is good music. Go cop a couple albums.

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