Monday, August 27

False Identity?

“Fake thug no love, you get slug CB4 Gusto, ya luck low…”
Nas – The Message; It Was Written

Why is it that there are SO many “thugs” these days? Everywhere you look there is someone with his hat bent to the left or to the right. There is always someone with his jeans hanging low. What about the cats who can talk a good talk about the streets, and what they will do if…

Where does all this come from? Is this a product of what Hip Hop produced? Maybe, but Hip Hop doesn’t deserve all of that credit. It would only be fair to disperse the fault throughout the music world and the sports world. There are probably most certainly more prospective areas to blame as well, but the two biggest are sports and music. Athletes and other entertainers have probably the strongest impact on people and their views. Everyone wants to be like 50 Cent, Allen Iverson, or Kanye West. Hell, a lot of people even wanted to be like Michael Vick at one point or another.

Some people like to believe that children are easily impacted when they aren’t properly reared. They believe that when there aren’t enough influences for children (i.e. dad locked up or dead, mom and dad working crazy hours, etc) they are easily influenced by things that may be detrimental. Could be true. May be true. Might not be true. Who knows? Does growing up in a household where your dad is absent mean anything about what you’re going to be involved in later in life, or how you perceive yourself as a young man or woman? I think it plays a part in the way you will perceive yourself growing up most certainly, but I wouldn’t go as far to say that you are destined for trouble because of it.

I don’t want to stray too far away from my original question though… Why is it that there are SO many “thugs” these days? I remember back in the late 80s and early 90s to even the mid-90s, you couldn’t as much as wear a baseball cap… let alone wear it cocked to a side. Your favorite colors had to be gray and white, or some other primary color. You definitely couldn’t wear red or blue though, and for damn sure you couldn’t wear red bottom and a red top… and likewise for blue. I am happier than anyone these days that those laws are not still around, because red and blue are some of my favorite colors. If this were the early 90s, I’d probably be somewhere beat up or shot because of my outfit. Now that those laws aren’t around anymore, people have taken advantage. White kids with blue fitted hats cocked to the left or right, black suburban kids with red and blue sweat suits with one of the legs pulled up. They all look like they just came out of a rap video with Cash Money. The part that takes the cake though is that many of these people have never seen drugs, guns, violence outside of their parent’s arguing, and many other things that these entertainers talk about. It’s just like fake studio rappers. I see your gums bumping, but I don’t see your actions coinciding.

A lot of young people today don’t realize or understand what connotations the colors and the sideways hat had across the land of America in earlier times. There are even a lot of older people who still wear their hats turned to one side in representation of what they used to do, what they used to be around, or what they wanted to do when they were growing up. Even though people are not banging anymore, the colors and left and right still have a connotation. Do people still care? Not as much… depending on where you are.

Everybody’s a thug these days, or at least want to look like one. On second thought, maybe looking like a thug isn’t the right phrase. I’ll rephrase that and say that everybody wants to pose as something or someone that they are not.

Like Andre 3000 said, “You white tee, well… to me, looks like a nightgown. Make your mama proud, take that thing two sizes down.” You can still wear your white tee’s and top shelf jeans with your Air Force 1’s, but try looking a little more presentable. People don’t want to see your Hanes, and you can still be cool with a pair of jeans that fit properly. In most cases parents do not agree with what their child wears, but a fight everyday isn’t worth it. So what really can the parent(s) do?

Hip Hop is still going to exist with or without fitted hats, Air Force’s, sagging jeans, etc.

I’m still stuck asking myself, why are there so many “thugs” these days? What’s up with the false identity?

Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar at a Time.

Over and Out, DocBoone.

Wednesday, August 22

The Future?

Now an anonymous little birdie put a bug in my ear. They told me that if you listen hard enough, there’s a group of people who are trying to change the game a little bit. They told me… don’t worry, they rap. Then the birdie said, DocBoone… they rap to a different tune though. It’s some rock, mixed with some blues, there’s a pinch of reggae in there, and some soul added as well. When you add some pretty stable lyrical content in there you have what some call… The Future. Word is that they reside in VA. I haven’t traveled out there personally, but I have checked them out. If you not feeling rock, blues, reggae, or anything outside of Soulja Boy and the Superman… then you wont feel this. What I recommend for you though is to give The Future a listen… uncover your 3rd eye and check this out.

  • Future's Website

  • Check them out on Myspace

  • I just thought that I would share this with you all out there who are checking in me.

    Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar at a Time.

    Over and Out, DocBoone.

    Bleeding EarDrums

    The day came, and the day has gone. Now it’s time to soak this all up. Between Common, UGK, Pharoahe Monch, and a handful of other CDs that have come out this summer… it has been a great summer for music in my opinion. But then again, what does my opinion count for. My opinion couldn’t hold water if it was a Slurpee mug. At any rate, Talib Kweli released his anticipated album on Tuesday, and the man dropped harder than most probably expected.

    The Beautiful Struggle was cute. It got us all by for the moment for the thirst of lyrical complexion from Kweli… it wasn’t enough though. It left many thirsting for more, pretty fast. It lacked a few things lyrically and production wise. This time around with Eardrum, Kweli made sure that everyone feasted off of his work in the kitchen. The album bangs out 20 tracks, including 3 bonuses. A lot of work went into this album… At times I could have swore that I tasted a sock while listening to this album. That’s how much umph he put into this one.

    If people are arguing that no one in Hip Hop talks about anything in their music, then they haven’t listened to Eardrum. “This ain’t my full potential, only using 10% of my mental on instrumentals.” That’s what Kweli is stating on the opening track “Everything Man.” With 20 tracks total on an album you would expect there to be times of inconsistency. Production, content, and mood is consistent throughout.

    One of the realest tracks of the album, “Give ‘Em Hell,” Kweli entertains you while questioning religious views. This is a deep song, and like “Jesus Walks,” this song takes a dive out there, but hits everything. It’s very filling. “Who is King James, and why did he think that it was so vital to remove chapters and make his own version of the Bible? They say that hell is underground, and heaven is in the sky, and they say that’s where you go when you die… but how they know?”

    Overall this album will qualify as one of the top 3 albums of the summer once the leaves begin to fall. With production from Kanye, Will.I.Am., Pete Rock, Hi Tek, and even Justin Timberlake. Guest appearances from Jean Grae, Kanye, Raheem DeVaughn, Roy Ayers, Norah Jones, KRS One, Lyfe, and Musiq. This album has 5 mic written all over it… or atleast 4 and a half. I’m urging everyone to go BUY a copy.

    Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar at a Time.

    Over and Out, DocBoone.

    Sunday, August 19

    Hot Thing

    The time is slowly approaching. The release of Talib Kweli's new album, Eardrum. To most people Kweli is not someone who you would play to get a party cracking. That's cool though, because Kweli is considered by most to be real Hip Hop as well. Unfortunately, people aren't listening to real Hip Hop at the club anyway... just party music. Just from hearing a few tracks from Kweli's latest work, I'm already convinced that this is going to be another banging album. I mean, what do you expect from Kweli? I just wish that he was getting the credit that he deserves, not only as a lyricist, but as a artist.

    Here, check out his video for the single "Hot Thing." It should look a little familiar once you see it.

    Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar at a Time.

    Over and Out, DocBoone.

    Thursday, August 16

    Bridget Gray

    I may once again be a little behind with this one, but this right here, I feel is timeless. Bridget Gray has been killing the poetry/spoken word scene for some time now. As a matter of fact, I probably need to smack myself for being in the dark for this long, but hey... what can you say? At any rate, it's always good to hear what's really good from our beautiful black women. Take a gander... er, listen to what Bridget Gray as to say to Hip Hop in this heartfelt letter.

    For those of you who do not know of Bridget Gray... check out her bio. She is doing big things... and her time is coming.

  • Bridget Gray Bio

  • Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar at a Time.

    Over and Out, DocBoone.

    Tuesday, August 14

    I am... Chrisette Michele

    I may be a little late, but like they say... "Better late, than never." For the past 2 weeks I have been smoothfully bobbing my head to this Chrisette Michele album. This woman is the truth. Where did Jay find her? I don't know, but her mom and Nas' mom are friends from Queensbridge.

    She didn't just pop up as some people would love to believe. She was featured on Jay's "Lost Ones." She was also on Nas' "Can't Forget About You." Her music is so refreshing that it makes you forget that you were thirsting for lemonade on a hot summer's day in the city. It kind of reminds you of great Jazz Vocalists from back in the day. It's clean, grown up, and HOT!

    Chrisette Michele's album is without a doubt, one of the realest... and smoothest R&B joints out. It's always good to hear a new voice. Especially when that voice is able to musically massage you into a lovely coma of smooth lyrics. Def Jam has a jewel in Chrisette Michele.

    Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar at a Time.

    Over and Out, DocBoone.


    The long awaited album, Desire, by Pharoahe Monch released earlier this summer. Not many people are up on Pharoahe Monch, or even know who Pharoahe Monch is. A pure lyricist, with the capability to paint vivid pictures through his literature. This album here may be one of the most soulful hip hop albums to be released thus far this year (next to Common's Finding Forever). Pharoahe always has been a rapper of complex rhymes and metaphors, and even listening to this album he did not sway away from that technique. I don't blame him. A big part of hip hop is being an emcee... and the man is emceeing.

    I'll admit that I wasn't always a Pharoahe Monch fan, at least not until I heard "Simon Say." After that he made appearances on the Soundbombing albums. He had a track with Mos Def called "Oh No." It was clear back in the late 90s that Pharoahe wasn't your typical rapper, but he had the backpacker edge to him. Almost 10 years since "Simon Says," Pharoahe Monch seems far from a backpacker anymore. Besides the dude is well into his 30s... backpacks and homework are well behind this fella. His focus these days is creating soulful hip hop that strikes a flame in every neighborhood and street corner throughout America. Tough challenge being that people are trying to hear complexity in rap. They want the basic bragadocious style with the ass and titties. If that's not your style... go cop the "Desire" album by Pharoahe. I promise you will not be disappointed. I can gurantee that after a few minutes of listening to this album, your head will start nodding out of nowhere. This album is easily one of the top 5 this year. And that's a quote for you.

    What are you waiting for? Go out and get a few copies already!!!

    Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar at a Time.

    Over and Out, DocBoone.

    Saturday, August 11

    50 Vs Kanye

    50 Cent is making headlines over the release of his album along with Kanye's on September 11. The day has become a notable day in the history of America, and the dropping of these two Hip Hop monster's albums creates even more buzz. As if the anniversary of the Towers collapsing isn't enough talk... these two have people in the Hip Hop world talking about something else. Or, are people talking about these two? Is 50 doing all the talking? Does Kanye even care? It would seem that Kanye would be the favorite to outsell 50 on 9/11, but 50 fails to believe. 50 believes that his album is going to outsell Kanye the first week, and for weeks after that as well. He even went as far as to say that if Kanye sells more than him, he is not going to release anymore solo albums. He may still write and work with people in his camp, but no more solo albums. That is a bold statement to make. But then again... would anyone really care? Probably so, although 50 hasn't been on top of his A game lately.

    Kanye hasn't said much about this except that he isn't worried about 50's album dropping on the same day. The people are going to go out and buy what they want to listen to. Most people might be going out to buy both albums at the same time. The people will determine who sells more, but taking a look at another picture... who cares. Both artists are popular icons in the music world aside from the Hip Hop world. They both will eventually go platinum probably, but a little friendly competition never hurt anyone... record sales either.

    Everyone, mark your calendars... September 11, 2007. 50 Vs Kanye. The CURTIS Vs The Graduation. Kanye has his GED... should 50 concentrate on his GED once this is all over?

    Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar At a Time.

    Over and Out, DocBoone.

    Wednesday, August 8

    Still Riding Dirty

    The Underground Kingz are BACK! Bun B and Pimp C, aka James Jones has released their highly anticipated double album, Underground Kingz. Listening to this album it is loud and clear that UGK are trying to prove the nay sayers wrong. Hip Hop is well and alive in the south... and they are giving one ginormous push to keep it live down there. The album opens up with a classic UGK feel with "Swishas and Dosha." Pimp C opens up by saying, "I remember when a rapper was a go getta, now all these rappes is some hoe niggas, hide behind the guards at the show niggas, dont want no pussy, homosexual on the low niggas..." What a way to start things off. Bun later in the album, "You do what you can, I do what I feel, and that there in itself the defenition of TRILL.

    Think back to the first days of UGK... on hits such as "Pocket Full of Stones," "One Day," and "Front Back, Side to Side." The lyrical content wasn't as strong from Bun B then, but as of late he has been making a push to be the strongest of the group lyrically. But just as in the old days, these too Kingz go back and forth so smoothly together... kinda like Tims and fitteds in New York. As seen, the two don't really do all that well without each other though.

    This album was well needed for the Kingz with the lackluster drop by Pimp C, with Pimpilation. Bun B's album was better, but still didn't do as well as some would have expected. Underground Kingz came at the right moment. The hip hop game is going through a weird phase right now, almost like an identity crisis... it's also shifting from coast to coast on a monthly basis. Any album that has Kool G. Rap and Big Daddy Kane featured on it (Next Up - Disc 2, track 11) is without a doubt screaming "Hip Hop lives down here!!" Like Pimp C said, it started on the East Coast... then the West Coast did it a little better. Now it's the South's turn.

    Everybody... show these rap geniuses some love and go cop this work. Don't embarrass yourself by downloading this. I'm going to hold off on calling this a classic, but you DO NOT WANT TO DOWNLOAD THIS!!

    Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar at a Time.

    Over and Out, DocBoone.

    Tuesday, August 7

    He's a Hustla

    Cassidy has been making the news headlines, and I'm sure you've all been reading. In my opinion, Cassidy is one cold lyricist. Just ask Freeway. I remember watching that battle on tape, and tossing my new Freeway album out the window on the freeway. I totally gave up on Freeway after that. Cass really didn't have to do that grown man like that, but he did anyway.

    I know this is mad old, but all the talks of Cass going back to the battle ring, and Fight Klubbing it up made me have to bring this out. Here, check out Cass Vs Free.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    I'm not saying that Cass is the coldest, but he is one of them. As for Freeway... the dude couldn't have known what he was getting himself into. This is funny.

    For those who have not had the chance to see this before... enjoy.

    Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar at a Time.

    Over and Out, DocBoone.

    Monday, August 6

    If Forever Wasn't Found, 2007 Was Surely Found.

    The time that I needed for the listening of Common's new album has come and gone. I've probably listened to it 2 times a day since it came out. Tommorow marks a whole week since the release. Honestly, I was feeling the album from the time I popped it in the player. Over the past couple of days the album has been hitting like no other. I was driving home tonight when "Misunderstood" came on. I knew that I liked the song favorablely over the others before, but for some reason I had to put this one on repeat. After a couple of times not being able to focus in on the words, and creat my own vision in my head (maybe it was those two motorcycles that were speeding in front of me on the freeway), I finally locked in. DAMN! That's one real song for you. Track 11, "Misunderstood." Go check it out if you haven't. If you have... go listen to it again. Whew... boy o boy.

    Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar at a Time.

    Over and Out, DocBoone.

    Friday, August 3

    Who's Da Best

    I have some more bars people for you to critic. This is my little brother showcasing his skillz on the solo tip. Like I said before... PLEASE GIVE YOUR FEEDBACK. If you feel it's wack, then thats what it is. If you digging it, then thanks on behalf of my fam.

    Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar at a Time.

    Over and Out, DocBoone.

    Bet It Up

    I want for all of you Hip Hop heads and junkies out there in Hip Hop world to take a minute and smell something for me. I always preach keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar at a Time. Well, I want for you all to listen to this track and PLEASE GIVE YOUR FEEDBACK. If its wack its wack... if you feeling it, you feeling it. All I'm asking is that you keep it real with yo boy.

    I got some fam spitting on here... don't be afraid to hold back the criticism.

    Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar at a Time.

    Over and Out, DocBoone.

    Wednesday, August 1

    FInding Forever. Lost or Found?

    Ok the album just dropped yesterday, and I've been hearing mixed reviews. I refuse to say whether its a great CD or a wack CD until I listen to it at least 2 more times (already 3 down). So far, from what I've heard, I can say that this album is far from the other albums that have come out this year. No bragadocious lines about grills, rims, hoes, or gwap. This album was very thoughtfully put together. Almost so, that some of the tracks seem to come up somewhat short of classic singles. It's only been 3 listens so far, and I'm sure this is going to take another couple before I really get a feel for whats going on. So far, not bad, but not great either. How does it rank with other albums of '07? ...It's still up at the top somewhere. So, now go out and get your own copy and let me know what you think.

    Until we Find Forever, Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar at a Time.

    Over and Out, DocBoone.