Wednesday, August 22

The Future?

Now an anonymous little birdie put a bug in my ear. They told me that if you listen hard enough, there’s a group of people who are trying to change the game a little bit. They told me… don’t worry, they rap. Then the birdie said, DocBoone… they rap to a different tune though. It’s some rock, mixed with some blues, there’s a pinch of reggae in there, and some soul added as well. When you add some pretty stable lyrical content in there you have what some call… The Future. Word is that they reside in VA. I haven’t traveled out there personally, but I have checked them out. If you not feeling rock, blues, reggae, or anything outside of Soulja Boy and the Superman… then you wont feel this. What I recommend for you though is to give The Future a listen… uncover your 3rd eye and check this out.

  • Future's Website

  • Check them out on Myspace

  • I just thought that I would share this with you all out there who are checking in me.

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    Over and Out, DocBoone.

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    Erroll said...

    Yea, not really feeling "Future". No disrepect, maybe I have to listen to more stuff. I think they are trying to blend too many styles. Maybe they are just ahead of my time.