Tuesday, August 14


The long awaited album, Desire, by Pharoahe Monch released earlier this summer. Not many people are up on Pharoahe Monch, or even know who Pharoahe Monch is. A pure lyricist, with the capability to paint vivid pictures through his literature. This album here may be one of the most soulful hip hop albums to be released thus far this year (next to Common's Finding Forever). Pharoahe always has been a rapper of complex rhymes and metaphors, and even listening to this album he did not sway away from that technique. I don't blame him. A big part of hip hop is being an emcee... and the man is emceeing.

I'll admit that I wasn't always a Pharoahe Monch fan, at least not until I heard "Simon Say." After that he made appearances on the Soundbombing albums. He had a track with Mos Def called "Oh No." It was clear back in the late 90s that Pharoahe wasn't your typical rapper, but he had the backpacker edge to him. Almost 10 years since "Simon Says," Pharoahe Monch seems far from a backpacker anymore. Besides the dude is well into his 30s... backpacks and homework are well behind this fella. His focus these days is creating soulful hip hop that strikes a flame in every neighborhood and street corner throughout America. Tough challenge being that people are trying to hear complexity in rap. They want the basic bragadocious style with the ass and titties. If that's not your style... go cop the "Desire" album by Pharoahe. I promise you will not be disappointed. I can gurantee that after a few minutes of listening to this album, your head will start nodding out of nowhere. This album is easily one of the top 5 this year. And that's a quote for you.

What are you waiting for? Go out and get a few copies already!!!

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