Sunday, August 19

Hot Thing

The time is slowly approaching. The release of Talib Kweli's new album, Eardrum. To most people Kweli is not someone who you would play to get a party cracking. That's cool though, because Kweli is considered by most to be real Hip Hop as well. Unfortunately, people aren't listening to real Hip Hop at the club anyway... just party music. Just from hearing a few tracks from Kweli's latest work, I'm already convinced that this is going to be another banging album. I mean, what do you expect from Kweli? I just wish that he was getting the credit that he deserves, not only as a lyricist, but as a artist.

Here, check out his video for the single "Hot Thing." It should look a little familiar once you see it.

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Over and Out, DocBoone.

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