Wednesday, August 22

Bleeding EarDrums

The day came, and the day has gone. Now it’s time to soak this all up. Between Common, UGK, Pharoahe Monch, and a handful of other CDs that have come out this summer… it has been a great summer for music in my opinion. But then again, what does my opinion count for. My opinion couldn’t hold water if it was a Slurpee mug. At any rate, Talib Kweli released his anticipated album on Tuesday, and the man dropped harder than most probably expected.

The Beautiful Struggle was cute. It got us all by for the moment for the thirst of lyrical complexion from Kweli… it wasn’t enough though. It left many thirsting for more, pretty fast. It lacked a few things lyrically and production wise. This time around with Eardrum, Kweli made sure that everyone feasted off of his work in the kitchen. The album bangs out 20 tracks, including 3 bonuses. A lot of work went into this album… At times I could have swore that I tasted a sock while listening to this album. That’s how much umph he put into this one.

If people are arguing that no one in Hip Hop talks about anything in their music, then they haven’t listened to Eardrum. “This ain’t my full potential, only using 10% of my mental on instrumentals.” That’s what Kweli is stating on the opening track “Everything Man.” With 20 tracks total on an album you would expect there to be times of inconsistency. Production, content, and mood is consistent throughout.

One of the realest tracks of the album, “Give ‘Em Hell,” Kweli entertains you while questioning religious views. This is a deep song, and like “Jesus Walks,” this song takes a dive out there, but hits everything. It’s very filling. “Who is King James, and why did he think that it was so vital to remove chapters and make his own version of the Bible? They say that hell is underground, and heaven is in the sky, and they say that’s where you go when you die… but how they know?”

Overall this album will qualify as one of the top 3 albums of the summer once the leaves begin to fall. With production from Kanye, Will.I.Am., Pete Rock, Hi Tek, and even Justin Timberlake. Guest appearances from Jean Grae, Kanye, Raheem DeVaughn, Roy Ayers, Norah Jones, KRS One, Lyfe, and Musiq. This album has 5 mic written all over it… or atleast 4 and a half. I’m urging everyone to go BUY a copy.

Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar at a Time.

Over and Out, DocBoone.


Anonymous said...

BIG UPS!!!! Uncle TALIB.

yo DocBoone. im tryin to put you on to something fresh.

i was in DC and seen this band from VA called Future. These cats are off the chain. On some Hip-Hop ROCK revival Type SHit. nobody knows about these cats sept their many myspace friends which doesnt mean much these days. i been checking out this blog. someone needs to talk about these cats.

specially since everyone is saying hip-hop is dead and all.

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