Saturday, August 11

50 Vs Kanye

50 Cent is making headlines over the release of his album along with Kanye's on September 11. The day has become a notable day in the history of America, and the dropping of these two Hip Hop monster's albums creates even more buzz. As if the anniversary of the Towers collapsing isn't enough talk... these two have people in the Hip Hop world talking about something else. Or, are people talking about these two? Is 50 doing all the talking? Does Kanye even care? It would seem that Kanye would be the favorite to outsell 50 on 9/11, but 50 fails to believe. 50 believes that his album is going to outsell Kanye the first week, and for weeks after that as well. He even went as far as to say that if Kanye sells more than him, he is not going to release anymore solo albums. He may still write and work with people in his camp, but no more solo albums. That is a bold statement to make. But then again... would anyone really care? Probably so, although 50 hasn't been on top of his A game lately.

Kanye hasn't said much about this except that he isn't worried about 50's album dropping on the same day. The people are going to go out and buy what they want to listen to. Most people might be going out to buy both albums at the same time. The people will determine who sells more, but taking a look at another picture... who cares. Both artists are popular icons in the music world aside from the Hip Hop world. They both will eventually go platinum probably, but a little friendly competition never hurt anyone... record sales either.

Everyone, mark your calendars... September 11, 2007. 50 Vs Kanye. The CURTIS Vs The Graduation. Kanye has his GED... should 50 concentrate on his GED once this is all over?

Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar At a Time.

Over and Out, DocBoone.

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JH said...

Yea, when I first heard about this it made me roll my eyes. 50s gonna eat his own words. I'm mad we're still tryina start beef with each other rather than support each other in the hip hop game. Seriously.