Sunday, September 21

Andre Benjamin to be Exact

Andre 3000 has stated that his upcoming solo album will be released earlier than expected. Expected release date is sometime before the end of the year, or early '09. Don't expect many collaboration projects on this one either, but who needs collabos when you're as talented as 3000?

3 Stacks has also stated that he doesn't like the high expectations that many give him. He'd rather you call him wack, which in turn forces him to work even harder to put out something superb. So, let's all talk about how much we hate Mr. Benjamin. Dude is wack as hell... Easily the worst MC coming out of the whole Dungeon crew.

I hope that helps.

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Saturday, September 20

Immortal Technique Announces Europe Tour

Immortal Technique And The 3rd World Go World Wide

Immortal Technique announces Europe tour and prepares for international shows starting mid-September.

Miami, Florida US – September 10, 2008 – Immortal Technique expands his revolutionary efforts with an upcoming European Tour, promoting his latest billboard-charted album, The 3rd World. The tour currently consists of 11 stops, beginning in Amsterdam on September 14th, and running through to September 29th, ending in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Accompanied by labelmates Diabolic and DJ GI Joe, the tour will also showcase local support in efforts to build strength in the Hip-Hop communities across the continent. His impact has even reached UFC title-contender Rashad Evans, who entered the arena this past Saturday with Immortal Technique’s “Point Of No Return” track, leading to his victory over Chuck Liddell in the main card match.

Immortal Technique recently wrapped up his US national tour, which, including his Rock The Bells schedule, totaled to over 30 shows in a month and a half. Immortal Technique is honored and equally astounded to have performed at both amphitheatres holding 20,000+ attendants and the more medium-sized venues packing 1,500 supporters.
“Hip Hop is not dead, it just lives under occupation. But there is a guerrilla force out there fighting and it is not just rappers but the people who make up these communities and support real music, especially independent street music.” – Immortal Technique

The 3rd World has successfully charted over 45,000 units independently, and garnered show reviews and features on weekly papers across the country, along with recognition on national magazines such as XXL, The Source, and Urb Magazine.
“The 3rd World sets out to make the connections between hip-hop and geopolitics even more explicit, by drawing parallels between corporate exploitation of third-world labor and the record industry’s exploitation of musical talent.” – Jesse Serwer, Urb Magazine

His Europe shows precede his international tour schedule, more dates to be announced soon.

Watch him live at the following shows-
Sept. 14 – Melkweg – 1017 PH, Amsterdam
Sept. 16 – Vega - Copenhagen
Sept. 17 – Nosturi – Helsinki, FIN
Sept. 18 – Stadtgarten – Cologne, GER
Sept. 20 – Coronet Theatre – London, UK
Sept. 22 – Arena – Vienna, Austria
Sept. 24 – John Dee – Oslo, Norway
Sept. 25 – Mejeret – Lund, Sweden
Sept. 26 – Rote Fabrik – Zurich, SWI
Sept. 28 – Andrew's Lane Theatre – Dublin 2, Ireland
Sept. 29 – TBA – Belfast, Northern Ireland

About Immortal Technique:
Immortal Technique is the voice of those victim to Government's lies and carnage. A Revolutionary and intense rapper, Immortal Technique has toured the world, gracing publications like The Source, XXL, The Washington Post, Playboy and even featured on the cover of URB magazine. While his lyrics are controversial, they are meaningful ideas and circumstances based on FACT. He has kept busy with promotion of his latest release, "The 3rd World" growing steadily by the day. This album brings together Immortal Technique and DJ Green Lantern (DJ for Jay Z & Sirius Satellite) as they complete their vision of colliding their worlds into one full-length album. The mix of street Hip Hop with the vivid landscapes of global struggle proves that world politics and music politics are almost one in the same. While still a full-length album, DJ Green Lantern blends and mixes it from start to finish, with about a 1/3 of the production to his name. Expect to hear Immortal Technique's striking lyrics on an even more street influenced production that occasionally fortifies him to show his bi-lingual versatility on the mic.

More info:
Immortal Technique MySpace
Immortal Technique Official Website

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Big Shug - Otherside of the Game



After trailblazing around the globe numerous times with Gang Starr as a core member of the Gang Starr Foundation, Big Shug, who has appeared on Gang Starr’s classics such as 1994’s Hard To Earn “F.A.L.A.,” 1998’s Moment Of Truth “The Militia” and 2003’s Gold-certified The Ownerz “Capture” (Militia Pt.3), follow’s up his 2007 sophomore LP, Streetchamp, with his latest street savvy endeavor Otherside Of The Game, which will be released on 11-4-08.

Staying true to the Gang Starr Foundation formula, Big Shug recreates his indelible bond with DJ Premier on Otherside Of The Game, as DJ Premier chips in with four tracks, including the street-bangers ”My Boston” f/Termanology and Singapore Kane and “Like A Muhfucka.” Shug also recreates his chemistry with MoSS (AZ, Joell Ortiz, Sean Price, Ghostface, Joe Budden) on five tracks including the standout “Murdapan.”

Otherside Of The Game also features guest appearances from Billy Danze of M.O.P., Termanology, Bumpy Knuckles (AKA Freddie Foxxx), Blaq Poet and Singapore Kane.

Be sure to also check out Big Shug as he holds down co-hosting duties on DJ Premier’s Sirius Satellite Radio show “Live From HeadQCourterz” every Friday night from midnight-2AM.

Tracklisting and credits for Big Shug’s Otherside Of The Game:

1.) Intro
2.) Soundcheck (produced by DJ Premier)
3.) When I Strike (produced by DJ Premier)
4.) What it Means f/Billy Danze of M.O.P. & Frankie Wainwright (Produced by Soul Professa)
5.) Like A Muhfucka (produced by DJ Premier)
6.) Murdapan (produced by MoSS)
7.) 123 Bang f/Bumpy Knuckles & Hectic of ST. (produced by MoSS)
8.) Bring It Back (produced by MoSS)
9.) My Boston f/Termanology & Singapore Kane (Produced by DJ Premier)
10.) Better (Produced by Lee Bannon)
11.) Lonely Heart (Produced by Purpose)
12.) The Meaning Of Hardcore (produced by MoSS)
13.) Protection (produced by Lee Bannon)
14.) Militant Soldiers II f/Blaq Poet and Singapore Kane (produced by MoSS)
15.) Keep Calling Me (produced by Jay Quest)
16.) Young Death (produced by Gemz)

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Swagga Like Puff

Diddy has entirely too much time on his hands. Shouldn't dude be doing reality tv on MTV?

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Tuesday, September 16

Padded Room Needs More Padding...

Due to complications with the physical product, “Padded Room,” Joe Budden’s highly anticipated sophomore album through industry innovators Amalgam Digital, has been pushed back from October 28th 2008 to February 24th 2009.
Always loyal to fans, Joe Budden and Amalgam Digital have decided to release “The Halfway House,” a digital-only album featuring 14 brand new songs on October 28th as an intermediary album in place of “Padded Room”. Amalgam and Budden are setting a new precedent with this album, as it will be the first digital-only hip-hop release employing both traditional marketing methods (commercial radio, video, advertising campaigns, etc.) and new media viral marketing initiatives. The album will be released exclusively in digital format on, iTunes, and other key digital retailers.

“Though I’m not happy about it being pushed so far back, I do understand the method behind the madness. We've got an album I’m extremely proud of and a lead single that Amalgam Digital and I are both very happy with, but for those of you who are just as anxious as I am, I apologize,”
said Joe Budden.

Amalgam Digital released the following statement:
"There is a popular misconception that Amalgam Digital is strictly an internet label. Although the label places a strong focus on new media marketing initiatives, promotions, and distributing digital releases, the company is actually still releasing physical CD’s as well. While Amalgam has a unique and progressive strategy, the company still faces the same issues and delays every major label encounters when dealing with physical product. Despite the climate at retail and 4th quarter delays that prevent “Padded Room” from being released in October 2008, we stand behind Joe Budden and believe he should have the opportunity to release music to his fans. Together our proactive strategy will include releasing a digital only album from Joe Budden entitled "The Halfway House" that will be available exclusively in the digital format on October 28th, 2008 followed by Joe Budden's "Padded Room" which will be available in both digital and CD format in stores worldwide February 24th, 2009. The artist’s profit margin will be substantially higher on the digital release and so we urge Joe Budden fans to show support by purchasing the digital album, “The Halfway House,”
direct from the website.”

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Saturday, September 13

Damn Mane

Instead of uplifting this culture we call Hip Hop, and trying to keep it alive - Gucci Mane is more focused on how he would look in a orange jumpsuit behind bars.

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Big Pooh Feat. Chaundon & Joe Scudda "Plastic Cups"

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Friday, September 12

Kanye West Flips on the Paparazzi

Kanye West and Manager Don C wilds out on the paparazzi at the airport.

Kanye was just keeping it Gangsta in his pink polo...

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Saturday, September 6

MC Breed Failing

Flint, Michigan rapper/legend is in the hospital in critical condition where he is on life support due to kidney failure. Breed is known for countless tracks and collaborations with some of rap's biggest names. 2Pac, Too $hort, Dr. Dre, and many more. Tracks like Aint No Future in Yo Frontin' and Gotta Get Mine Feat. 2Pac are timeless classics that you may want to reminisce on.

Stay up Breed... from one Flint Town bred to another. From the same neighborhood... York Ave and Lorado Ave all day. Someone get this man a kidney ASAP.

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Friday, September 5

Faith, Biggie, and Pac

Keep the Faith. New book by Faith Evans goes in to detail about Faith Evans journey through life citing moments in time where she duked down Lil Kim after catching her in bed with Biggie. Sneaking into his townhouse with the black skullie, walking into the bedroom, and snatching off Kim's wig while throwing them blows. She also goes into detail about her relationship with Biggie and her numerous cheating episodes. Also, her supposed relationship with 2Pac.

Cited in her book is an incident where she met up 2Pac, and this happened...

I had to think of how I would reassure Big that nothing happened with ‘Pac,” Faith says in her book. “I hadn’t been completely innocent. While I was in Los Angeles, I’d had sex occasionally with Terry Dollars. And I’d even seen Roger, the NBA player, a few times when he was in town. So technically, I had cheated on Big. But not with Tupac.”

Faith does also document how her relationship was with Tupac as she cites an occasion where she went to pick up a check from ‘Pac for a guest appearance on a song. She explains in great detail the paranoia surrounding Tupac and how he felt that he was set up by Biggie and Diddy. Upon arriving at the studio, she recalls how ‘Pac treated her.

“'The situation with the money is like this,’ he said. ‘If I give it to you, then you my bitch.

‘Your what,” I said. I felt a chill go up my back.

‘You heard me. You gotta be my bitch’.

I got up and moved farther away from where he was standing.

‘I’m not anybody’s bitch,’ I said, trying to keep my voice steady.

‘You Biggie’s bitch.’”

From there, things went from bad to worse according to Faith.

“‘So you not trying to suck my dick?’

‘What!’ I screamed. ‘What are you talking about?’

Tupac raised his voice. ‘You know you want to suck my dick, bitch! Don’t fucking lie.’ I burst into tears and grabbed my purse. ‘I have to get outta here.’

Tupac kept going. He was making no sense, cursing and yelling. He said something about Big and the East Coast.

‘But…but…I…thought y’all were friends,’ I said. At this point, I could barely speak clearly because I was crying so hard.

‘Whatever. You know you wanna be my bitch’ he said, before going into the bedroom area and slamming the door.

I can picture this scene right now, and I'm trying not to laugh. I can see Pac gone off that good high and Hennessey while being more than straight up with Faith.

Should be a interesting read for you people out there that can read. Add it to the collection and support Faith.

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Wednesday, September 3

Kiss My Ass!

Jadakiss is slated to drop his 3rd solo album around the Halloween season. Late October, early November is what he's shooting for... but the sooner the better. He's hoping for big things after leaving Interscope for Roc-A-Fella Records last year. Guest appearances include label mates Styles and Sheek from Ruff Ryders Records, Jay-Z, and Jeezy. So kiddies, save up your allowance and cop Kiss' new work - Kiss My Ass.

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