Sunday, September 21

Andre Benjamin to be Exact

Andre 3000 has stated that his upcoming solo album will be released earlier than expected. Expected release date is sometime before the end of the year, or early '09. Don't expect many collaboration projects on this one either, but who needs collabos when you're as talented as 3000?

3 Stacks has also stated that he doesn't like the high expectations that many give him. He'd rather you call him wack, which in turn forces him to work even harder to put out something superb. So, let's all talk about how much we hate Mr. Benjamin. Dude is wack as hell... Easily the worst MC coming out of the whole Dungeon crew.

I hope that helps.

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Erroll said...

Damn, he looking like me in that weak ass outfit and them glasses. He's easily one of the best dressers out. (Hopefully this will make that nucca start wearing normal shit if we talk about how great he dresses)