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Immortal Technique Announces Europe Tour

Immortal Technique And The 3rd World Go World Wide

Immortal Technique announces Europe tour and prepares for international shows starting mid-September.

Miami, Florida US – September 10, 2008 – Immortal Technique expands his revolutionary efforts with an upcoming European Tour, promoting his latest billboard-charted album, The 3rd World. The tour currently consists of 11 stops, beginning in Amsterdam on September 14th, and running through to September 29th, ending in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Accompanied by labelmates Diabolic and DJ GI Joe, the tour will also showcase local support in efforts to build strength in the Hip-Hop communities across the continent. His impact has even reached UFC title-contender Rashad Evans, who entered the arena this past Saturday with Immortal Technique’s “Point Of No Return” track, leading to his victory over Chuck Liddell in the main card match.

Immortal Technique recently wrapped up his US national tour, which, including his Rock The Bells schedule, totaled to over 30 shows in a month and a half. Immortal Technique is honored and equally astounded to have performed at both amphitheatres holding 20,000+ attendants and the more medium-sized venues packing 1,500 supporters.
“Hip Hop is not dead, it just lives under occupation. But there is a guerrilla force out there fighting and it is not just rappers but the people who make up these communities and support real music, especially independent street music.” – Immortal Technique

The 3rd World has successfully charted over 45,000 units independently, and garnered show reviews and features on weekly papers across the country, along with recognition on national magazines such as XXL, The Source, and Urb Magazine.
“The 3rd World sets out to make the connections between hip-hop and geopolitics even more explicit, by drawing parallels between corporate exploitation of third-world labor and the record industry’s exploitation of musical talent.” – Jesse Serwer, Urb Magazine

His Europe shows precede his international tour schedule, more dates to be announced soon.

Watch him live at the following shows-
Sept. 14 – Melkweg – 1017 PH, Amsterdam
Sept. 16 – Vega - Copenhagen
Sept. 17 – Nosturi – Helsinki, FIN
Sept. 18 – Stadtgarten – Cologne, GER
Sept. 20 – Coronet Theatre – London, UK
Sept. 22 – Arena – Vienna, Austria
Sept. 24 – John Dee – Oslo, Norway
Sept. 25 – Mejeret – Lund, Sweden
Sept. 26 – Rote Fabrik – Zurich, SWI
Sept. 28 – Andrew's Lane Theatre – Dublin 2, Ireland
Sept. 29 – TBA – Belfast, Northern Ireland

About Immortal Technique:
Immortal Technique is the voice of those victim to Government's lies and carnage. A Revolutionary and intense rapper, Immortal Technique has toured the world, gracing publications like The Source, XXL, The Washington Post, Playboy and even featured on the cover of URB magazine. While his lyrics are controversial, they are meaningful ideas and circumstances based on FACT. He has kept busy with promotion of his latest release, "The 3rd World" growing steadily by the day. This album brings together Immortal Technique and DJ Green Lantern (DJ for Jay Z & Sirius Satellite) as they complete their vision of colliding their worlds into one full-length album. The mix of street Hip Hop with the vivid landscapes of global struggle proves that world politics and music politics are almost one in the same. While still a full-length album, DJ Green Lantern blends and mixes it from start to finish, with about a 1/3 of the production to his name. Expect to hear Immortal Technique's striking lyrics on an even more street influenced production that occasionally fortifies him to show his bi-lingual versatility on the mic.

More info:
Immortal Technique MySpace
Immortal Technique Official Website

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