Wednesday, August 8

Still Riding Dirty

The Underground Kingz are BACK! Bun B and Pimp C, aka James Jones has released their highly anticipated double album, Underground Kingz. Listening to this album it is loud and clear that UGK are trying to prove the nay sayers wrong. Hip Hop is well and alive in the south... and they are giving one ginormous push to keep it live down there. The album opens up with a classic UGK feel with "Swishas and Dosha." Pimp C opens up by saying, "I remember when a rapper was a go getta, now all these rappes is some hoe niggas, hide behind the guards at the show niggas, dont want no pussy, homosexual on the low niggas..." What a way to start things off. Bun later in the album, "You do what you can, I do what I feel, and that there in itself the defenition of TRILL.

Think back to the first days of UGK... on hits such as "Pocket Full of Stones," "One Day," and "Front Back, Side to Side." The lyrical content wasn't as strong from Bun B then, but as of late he has been making a push to be the strongest of the group lyrically. But just as in the old days, these too Kingz go back and forth so smoothly together... kinda like Tims and fitteds in New York. As seen, the two don't really do all that well without each other though.

This album was well needed for the Kingz with the lackluster drop by Pimp C, with Pimpilation. Bun B's album was better, but still didn't do as well as some would have expected. Underground Kingz came at the right moment. The hip hop game is going through a weird phase right now, almost like an identity crisis... it's also shifting from coast to coast on a monthly basis. Any album that has Kool G. Rap and Big Daddy Kane featured on it (Next Up - Disc 2, track 11) is without a doubt screaming "Hip Hop lives down here!!" Like Pimp C said, it started on the East Coast... then the West Coast did it a little better. Now it's the South's turn.

Everybody... show these rap geniuses some love and go cop this work. Don't embarrass yourself by downloading this. I'm going to hold off on calling this a classic, but you DO NOT WANT TO DOWNLOAD THIS!!

Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar at a Time.

Over and Out, DocBoone.

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