Saturday, August 2

Jeezy luv the Kids

Jeezy is not only strengthening his street cred with tracks like Put On, but dude is raising eyebrows from the educational system. Jeezy has done things for kids in the past like providing Toyz for kids in the hood. This time he is having a back to school give back and event giveaway. Jeezy has teamed his organization CTE (Corporate Thugz Entertainment) with the Boys and Girls Club, and local radio stations in Atlanta for this event. It's heard that Jeezy will be giving away clothes, school materials, and other beneficial things for kids heading back to school. Some of the things on the list: Jordan Brand clothes, shoes, backpacks, Akademiks clothing, and the list goes on. I wish I had someone doing this kind of stuff when I was a young one going to school in my Wranglers and Lee's. Big ups to Jeezy for this one.

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