Saturday, August 30

Yung Berg beat up and Jacked... In Detroit

Berg was in Detroit a couple of weekends ago at club Plan B. Well, seems he should have either stuck with plan A, or threw plan b out the window and went straight to plan c... or just stayed his ass at home. Berg apparently was at the club shouting his displeasure with Detroit, "F*%# Detroit!" and that's all it took for plan b to go miserably wrong. Trick Trick and some other affiliates were apart of a melee that left Berg without clothes and his Megatron chain. Now Trick Trick will tell you to go holla at Bow Wow Wow if you want to see the chain, but who knows. Trick Trick also claims to not have even been apart of this whole skirmish. The truth of the matter is this... Yung Berg's chain is gone, and he probably lost his card to even come back to The D. So long Berg... looks like you got the business that night.

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Over and Out, DocBoone


Erroll said...

Yung Berg is the greatest rapper alive, and of all time. I can't imagine what hip-hop would be without his contribution. Maybe there would actually be some substance to the music game now.

DocBoone said...

LMAO! If you say so homes...