Sunday, November 9

Time for Change?

Every now and then I have to change speeds and really let you all know what I'm thinking. Now that the week that many people believed to be the greatest moment in America is over - I have a few things floating around in my head. By now, you all know that our President is a Black man. That's fine, and congratulations Barack Obama.

And before I start trying to philosophize my thoughts... I'm going to say that I do not know half of anything political, but what I do know is what I can see or hear with my own ignorant eyes and ears.

So, during this whole Presidential Race I have held a different view... or rather I was looking through a different lens. To those who know me, I may have come across as opposed, disinterested, or just didn't care. Now that the race is over I know what, and how to explain a little more of what I was thinking and feel.

First... the Black Community.
The Black Community is ecstatic about the new President. He looks just like them. Yeah... so. It was the ignorance that had me feeling disconnected with the rest of these fans. Time for Change. Yes, that was the slogan that Obama used during his campaign, but where did that really come from? If you ask me... you can interpret that in your own words or thoughts, but the way that I interpret that is simple. Bush has to leave. He can't do a 3rd term, so he HAS to go - by the rules. It's time for someone new. It's time for change. That's all that slogan means to me. A lot of people took that slogan and made it into a monumental personal desire of what they want to see happen with the United States of America, and thats fine. Black people took that and ran with it. People are expecting a utopia now, or at least something close. That's not going to happen. The USA is so messed up right now from what the last handful of Presidents have done. Each President has had to work at fixing what the prior guy did in office. Now I'd like to straight up say that Bush number 2 was just in there clueless and had his own agenda. In the meantime he messed up even more stuff than anyone before him. Now, the current President (Shout out to Obama) has to fix stuff that Bush, Clinton, and Bush number 1 messed up. This stuff wont be fixed in two terms. Hell, that stuff wont be fixed every probably... who knows?

So, we have all these people from the Black Community saying that a Change is here. They are right, a Change IS here, but what does that really mean? Does that mean that all the deadbeats on the block are going to be educated now, and be positive, integral parts of our society? Does that mean that all the hoes on the corners and in the alley ways are going to turn into housewives? What does this Change really mean? Well in my eyes I see this Change only affecting things that are so minuscule at first that we, the regular American people wont even notice them. Obama is not going to get your cousin Ray Ray who spent 15 years of his life locked up - a job. Obama is not going to help you get a loan for that house - with bad credit. My point is... Yes Obama is going to bring some Change, but as a person... you have to make your own personal changes instead of looking for a handout. He's going to Change some things, but you wont even notice most of them. It's not going to be what you're expecting. Reparations did not come in the form of a Black President.

Just one of the ignorant things I saw on the tube during the Election on Tuesday night was a reporter talking to a voter coming out of her polling place. He asked this Black woman what made this election so special to her. She spoke of the significant things that everyone else had been saying. "This is history in the making, and I want to be apart of it." She was so excited, even though she had just made the 8:00pm cutoff time at 7:42. The reporter asked her who did she vote for. She simply said... "Baracka." Baracka. Yeah... Baracka with an A at the end. After all of this time, she couldn't even say the man's name correct on National television. Stuff like that makes me think that we need to THANK whoever forced her to get off the couch at 7:30pm to go vote. (Thank you Friend!)

White America
Racism has been the driving factor for this place we call America for as long as people have been here. Now, the people you work with everyday are almost convinced that racism is over since we have a Black President. Really? 70 people voted for Obama, and 30 people voted for McCain. I'm willing to bet that there is a great number of people from that 30 who were saying, "Fuck yall niggers" while they were filling out their ballots. The other portion were Black people, and there is nothing wrong with them making that choice - that's the power of being able to vote. But my point is that racism has not gone anywhere. White people people have created a systematic form of racism that allows them to just sit back and watch Black people get electrocuted when they try to touch that fence. Just because white people voted for Obama obviously - does not mean that we have reached what Dr. King and Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks stood (or sat) for. In some aspects, sure. There would have never been a Black President in their times, so there IS something to be excited about. It's more exciting from a historical standpoint, than from a "How will the economy change" standpoint.

Wasn't it funny, and didn't it feel funny on Wednesday when all the White people you work with were hesitant to speak about the Election results? But once you brought it up they were ecstatic to talk about it. They didn't want to assume that just because you were Black - you voted for Obama. Every White person I know had a aura around them that said we're waiting to see how you're going to respond to this Black President. They were waiting to see if I packed watermelon in my lunch. They were waiting to see if I was going to start shucking and jiving, or soft shoeing around the office. That's just the lens that I was looking through. It could have been clouded, but I doubt it.

At the End of the Day
What this is going to mean is that all you dead beats have to get off your ass still. All you dead beat moms still have to get off your ass. Nothing is going to be handed to you since the President looks like you. Hell, he may look like you, but he is still mixed with half of the White man. So, who cares what he looks like? Why not focus on getting your shit together on your own, and not wait or expect a handout? Your job is still going to be the same old shitty experience each day. If there is going to be a significant Change coming, just sit back let it happen while you better yourself on your own. We are never going to get a mule to walk around 40 acres, so stop expecting it. If you want a mule go get one. If you want 40 acres, fix your damn credit and go get it. Me personally... I don't want a mule or 40 acres. Well, maybe 40 acres, but I'm content with knowing that the sun might come up tomorrow.

Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar at a Time.
Over and Out, DocBoone.


Anonymous said...

I think it's unfortunate how bitter you sound about the whole thing.

Have you thought about today's children? They will grow up remembering the first new president in their lives was of color. They probably won't deal with the same type of racism we have dealt with. Obviously, racism will still exist. Probably forever. But I believe we have taken a HUGE step toward improvement.

I know he will not make miracles. I know he will not be able to fix all the shit the past "handful" fucked up. But I do think he will deliver what the others didn't. Which is genuine humility and a desire for change. Of course just because a black man is president doesn't mean all of our problems are solved. Or that Ray-Ray or whoever else you mentioned will be guaranteed a job, home or credit... Whoever does feel that way is definitely in for a big kick in the ass. I think the majority of us who voted for Obama did it because he was just the better candidate. He is young, vibrant, passionate. A true leader. And I feel that he has a good heart. No matter how much of a politician he is and how many hoaxes we've seen in the past.

Give the man a chance. He hasn't even gotten to office yet. Then, if he is as lacking as you seem to think (which I highly doubt he will be)... then complain. For the time being I think we should all be happy and VERY thankful that he won, and that at least we have some hope. We didn't have much hope before this.

DocBoone said...

Ok... so obviously you weren't reading this or comprehending this the right way.

I never said anywhere that I doubt what the new President is going to do. I do think that our future can be bright for our children and grandchildren, but my whole point is - how many other people are actually looking at it for the long run instead of next year?

I sound bitter because of ignorant people who can't look at this and see what was accomplished or what this means for our future children and grandchildren. Too many people are expecting miracles ASAP. That's my point. So, don't get all bent out of shape and begin to assume that I'm doubting Barack Obama because I'm calling all the ignorant people out.

I'm glad Obama is our new President... I thought that I stated that as well in the post. Read more carefully next time.


Erroll said...

I don't really see this as a HUGE step toward improvement. All the shit that Chris Rock says is true. Look what it took for a black man to get elected President. He had to graduate at the top of his class from Harvard Law. Hell, most of our past presidents graduated from the bottom. In order for a black man to be President or a leader of anything, he to be miles and miles above the competition.

I understand what DocBoone is saying. Racism is no different today than before the election. This is really evident after the election because many of the white people I work with automatically assumed that I voted for Obama. WTF type of shit is that? Those same white people you work with during the day probably are calling your "nigger this and nigger that" after work. Me and Docboone black asses are still gonna get racially profiled when we're in the "wrong" part of town. Shit isn't going to change overnight, or even over the next eight years. The BEST thing Obama can do is veer the ship towards the right course. That in itself will be a success.

I'm just ranting, but me and Doc have been sharing the same opinions since the election. And he'll be the first to tell you that I follow politics fairly closely.

Maelstrom said...

DocBoone...totally with you man (and my bad for not readin your blog in a minute). Alot of people are in DC this weekend ONLY because its historic...they weren't part of a lifelong struggle, they didn't care about politics a year ago, and probably didn't know Obama's name then either. This renders the excitement to me very superficial.
On the Change point you made, I have been screaming the same thing. Wouldn't Clinton, Edwards or even McCain have been Change from Bush? I certainly think so. So change means nothing to me until you define for me what that change is. Obama (and no one else for that matter) is not change because he says he is.
Finally, people need to quit equating Obama and MLK, and they need to quit saying that King's dream is fulfilled in Obama. King himself noted the significance of "Black faces in high places" when he attended the installing of the nations first Black mayor, Carl Stokes. But his Dream, as he described it, was far more vast than just that!
I have been disappointed with the irrationality of the Obama support, even though there are great reasons to rationally support him. It seems that he is beyond criticism and rebuke even though there are issues with him that need to be called into question. The WAY people voted in this election has left me as bothered as I was the WAY people voted in 2004 even though I feel Obama was clearly a better choice than McCain. Unfortunately, people vote primarily on emotions...not issues, records or platforms. I come to that conclusion having asked dozens of people why they voted for whomever they voted for in the last 3 elections.
I'm glad you have a viewpoint that challenges the Obama support status quo. You're not bitter, as another commenter said, you're doing what everyone should be doing...asking the deeper questions and not being swooned by the emotion of the moment.

Tome said...

Man, I think you right on with this post. The problem is there are undoubtedly some black ppl out there who feel like having a black president is going to provide some sort of free pass or justice for all of the worngs that were committed against our ancestors. The problem with that sort of thinking is that it leaves ppl with a false sense of hope for the future whent he truth is that Obama can't help anybody who's just lying around waiting to be helped rather than trying to get out and better themselves.

Black ppl did not hit the lotto just because a black man was elected president. We have to do our part to better ourselves. If anything, the biggest lesson to be learned is that you have to strive for a better life for yourself and your family. Just my way of looking at the whole situation.