Tuesday, April 22

Everybody wanna be a Nigga, but nobody wants to be a Nigga.

Hell is freezing over. Pigs are flying. Fish are walking on land, and white chicks got ass. Nas just might have started something. What might be a small spark could potentially turn into a forest fire. This new Ni**er album is going to be “deep as a skinny girls cunt.” (If you don’t know the quote then you need to get up on ya game). The first single has been dropped, ‘Be A Ni**er too.’ Nas is giving everybody out there who wants to be a nigga the chance. With lines like,

"Not mad cause Eminem said Ni**er/Cause he’s my Ni**er/Wigger/Cracker friend/We all black within/ We all African within/Some African’s don’t like us no way/A killin happened in Johannesburg yesterday.”

This album is going to be one that most ignorant chumps are going to have to play on repeat just to understand what dude is saying. Then the other hip hop heads are going to be hitting the repeat button because what dude is saying you wont be able to believe. You’re going to have to play it on repeat just to make sure he said what you thought he said. There is no way that anyone can not put Nas in the top 5 dead or alive after this piece drops.

This is about as edgy as you can get as not just a rapper, but a entertainer period…

“To all my Kike Ni**ers, Spic Ni**ers, Guinea Ni**ers, Chink Ni**ers that’s right ya’ll my ni**ers too.”

Stay tuned for the album dropping July 1, hopefully.

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