Tuesday, March 24

Lupe Fiasco - Lasers

Lupe Fiasco was supposed to be releasing his final album titled LupE.N.D., but according to his Twitter account (WeAreLasers) the retirement album is going to be pushed back. And for now he is just about 60% finished with "Lasers." He's wanting to get ahold of Bun B and Kid CuDi for some guest appearances. So, this is good news for all the Lupe fans who were dreading his punch out time.

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E-Sledge said...

I didn't know Lupe was retiring? What's with these kids retiring after 2-3 albums? Is it really that hard to be a hip-hop artist? What happened to the love of the music? I'm not feeling this new trend.

DocBoone said...

Yeah... he stated some time last year that LupE.N.D. was going to be his last album. Hopefully he will just keep that as his last album and make a ton of albums in between that. We'll see.