Wednesday, March 11

Joe Budden Responds to Saigon's Signing

After the smoke has cleared, and it's official, Budden had this to say about recent beef battler, Saigon.

"I don't feel anything," Joey explained in a video. "I don't know if he signed there for the same exact reasons that I signed there. It was a great business move on their behalf because if Joe Budden is leaving Amalgam, and they have Peedi Crakk, I'm not sure when his album's coming out, and you got Max B whose tied up in some type of litigation. The same way Joe Budden is gonna come right back and put an album out to build off of Padded Room hype, Amalgam would need to come right back with a project whether it be a Joe Budden project or whatever project it'll be. So, they needed to sign someone. I texted Saigon today and told him congratulations. I told him good move." (Cop Shop Hip Hop)

So how long will it take for these two stars to put out a hot track together?

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