Sunday, March 22

Ghostface and Winter Warz

I was just having a conversation about several Wu Tang affiliates, and I always get a little amped when it comes to Wu. The topic came up of members who are better on other people's joints, but under perform on their own. Meth was mentioned at first, but the cake taker has to be Cappadonna. Once Winter Warz came out, dude was crowned lyrically superior in my book. That had me waiting for a solo joint... then... LACKLUSTER solo album to say the least. Cap is still cool in my book though. Check out Winter Warz... probably one of the hardest Wu affiliated tracks EVER. Every dude on there went in like a porn star.

Winter Warz - Ghostface Killah

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Emilio Sparks said...

this album was so on point IRONMAN is a classic GFK really did his thing and it shows