Friday, March 20

Diary of a Tired Black Man Review

Tim Alexander created a documentary that goes into the depths of the mind of the Tired Black Man. For all of you people out there who are wondering why are the Brothers going after the white woman… check this flick out. It’s a truthful and honest approach to the delicate situation for many. It gives great perspectives from both men and women. Not a lot of people are comfortable having this conversation, so it was interesting to see what a lot of people have on their minds about the interracial couple.

The documentary takes you on a whirlwind of a ride that will almost leave you annoyed at some of the ways that women think. Not every relationship is as great as those pictures you saw with the two of them smiling and hugged up. The second before the camera flashed they were arguing, and the second after the flash dissolved into space they were back arguing. Pictures sometimes are only worth 2 cents.

A few points from the documentary… Although not the gist of the documentary. Just some things that I found interesting and true.
“Bad Decisions”
Black women say that we can’t date because you’re like my brother, or my best friend. What’s wrong with that? Isn’t the point of finding your partner – to find the person who’s going to be your best friend? Instead you fall for the guy you have nothing in common with. This rationale is a testament to how some women make really bad decisions in deciding whom they are going to date.

“Male Bashing”
Women have too many friends, which is a recipe for destruction. Single women sit around and bash men because they have no man, and they want to make sure that their misery stays with company. The one girl in the group who has a man will let her crew ruin her relationship because of their bitterness and bad advice.

“Arguing is like crack for black women. They know it’s ruining the relationship; they just can’t stop doing it.”

The documentary wasn’t the best documentary in the world… Grammy nominated or anything of that sort, but it was very informative for those who wonder why Black men will show the white woman interest.

Fellas, if you can find this DVD I would suggest you watch it with your woman. Be careful though because it may spark some interesting debates. So, watch at your own risk, and don’t say I didn’t warn you. A solid grade of a B for a documentary.

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