Saturday, May 2

Bad Boy Taking Over?

Diddy has made a claim that Bad Boy is making a comeback this year. Not just a comeback, but a whole damn industry takeover. Big words... Oh remember the days of Biggie, Craig Mack, G Dep, Black Rob, 112, Lil Kim, etc? Those were the good ol days. Those were albums with anticipation. This stuff he talking about now? Oh man, I can't wait!!!! This is going to be one great year!!! (Can you sense the sarcasm?)

"Bad Boy, you know, we making a comeback," Diddy promised in a video. "We have been gone, we making a comeback with this Gorilla Zoe. We got this Yung Joc record, I got this new Cassie, 'It Must Be Love,' we got Day26, we got myself. We got Janelle Monae...Bad Boy rap is gonna make a comeback this year. We gonna make a comeback this year...Also, can't forget about E. Ness...We got a whole great stable of artists." (World Star Hip Hop)

We'll see Diddy... Take that, take that.

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Over and Out, DocBoone


Tome said...

Man, Diddy just running his damn mouth. Don't nobody wanna hear no damn rap from them really. Zoe should be trying to get the hell off that bullshit label. Diddy has become the Al Davis of labels now. He so damn concerned with trying to get his own shine, that he neglects the other acts on his label. That is, unless they got a t.v. show on mtv. He will never get back to the level he was on when Bad boy was killing it. But the difference between now and then is that in the old days you would know when an album was coming out on Bad Boy months ahead of time. Now, you only know about when his album is coming out months in advance.

DocBoone said...

Notice how he had to throw his name in the pool of people dropping this year too. Real sly with it though.