Sunday, May 10

2009 Edition of Best Rapper Ever

I don't know where to start with this, so first... I'm searching for every old Vibe magazine that may be in my house and dumping them into the trash receptacle. I really don't know when Vibe started having credibility, but it still upsets me when I try to figure out how they think over there. They are starting their 2009 Best Rapper Ever, tournament style bracket on May 11th, and it's flawed to the 10th power. Joe Budden caught eye of it and he's probably even more perturbed than I am.

Who are these people who work for Vibe magazine? What do they do with their lives? Have they not been listening to Hip Hop music? I think what it is, is that they watch MTV all day and then they make their expert analysis' based off of Cribs or something. This list has Joe Budden ranked 32 out of 32 in his bracket, which means that there are other rappers such as Ice T (8), B-Real (25), Chamillionaire (29), Twista (13), Bizzy Bone (20), Biz Markie (27), Ol' Dirty Bastard (11), and that's just from Joey's bracket. You mean to tell me that all of these rappers are better than Budden? I whole heartedly agree with Joey B on this one. Check out the video from Joe Budden TV.

Here's the bracket.

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