Sunday, May 17

Judgement Day in the NBA

Today is Judgement Day. We have two game 7's in the NBA, which could turn out to be two of the most entertaining games since the Bulls vs Celtics series in round 1 (hopefully). Although I gave up on the basketball season after my Bulls were eliminated – I'm still pulling for a upset in LA, and a emergence in the East from the Magic. As a matter of fact... I hope that the Rockets and Magic win so big today, that most viewers decide to do laundry or clean the bathroom instead of watching the rest of the games. I'll also admit that I probably wont even be watching the games from beginning to end, but I'll be daydreaming of upsets while I stare out the window on this wonderful Sunday (no I'm not on house arrest).

At any rate... get your Sunday dinner, popcorn, beer, or whatever you choose to entertain yourself with while watching the NBA Playoffs.

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Over and Out, DocBoone.

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