Friday, April 10

The L.O.X. to Reunite with Diddy and Bad Boy?

The streets favorite group of Hustlers and Gentlemen may be making a jump that they never thought they'd be taking. Reuniting with Bad Boy. That was unexpected, and I really don't know how I feel about that. In one breath I'm dying for a new L.O.X. album, but in the 2nd breath I can't fathom D-Block getting out of this what they deserve if they jump back to Bad Boy.

"It's always possible," Kiss said referring to the label jump. "We've learned anything beneficial to L-O-X or anybody in our camp as long as it's beneficial for us is okay. It's about knowing what you getting involved in before you get involved. That first contract we signed, we ain't really know and a lot of people do that. We learned, we found out quicker that most dudes. Whenever I signed a contract ever in life after that first one going to be beneficial for me more than anybody or it won't have my signature on it....Only thing that separates D-Block or L-O-X is jail or death. No money, people trying to get in your ear trying to divide and conquer, none of that is gonna work." (Street Heat)

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