Sunday, April 26

Jadakiss - The Last Kiss

Al Qaida Jada has been beating on the charts with this new album, The Last Kiss. It’s not a instant classic… it’s not even classic caliber, in my opinion at least (but what does my opinion really count for anyway?). I can say that this album is a step in the right direction from where Jada seemed to be headed. D-Block’s own had begun to fall into the category where other rappers such as Fabolous and Cassidy reside. They can make a decent guest appearance, and they can give you one hell of a punchline… but can they put together a solid album for you? I think Jada answered many of his critics with this album. Just ask his fans. Jada has built a fan base since his Bad Boy days (did I mention that The L.O.X. are on the verge of rejoining Bad Boy?). He has a fan base that is cemented in the streets. So even if the commercial world, or the radio world ain’t bumping Kiss… the streets are. “We Are The Streets” remember?

This album has a different kind of production, yet clean and fresh feel to it as compared to past albums. There are a few tracks with unentertaining hooks, but Jada manages to massage whatever hemisphere of your brain that helps you comprehend auditory information. With his signature punchline flow and solid production it’s clear why this album is sitting fat on the Hip Hop & R&B Billboard Charts at the moment. I’d give this album a B- during the daytime, and a B during the nighttime.

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