Thursday, April 2

Mike Vick in a Hard Hat?

Michael Vick has a construction job lined up for when he gets out of prison. $10 a hour, 40 hours a week... good ol' blue collar job.

Vick, once one of the NFL's highest-paid players, plans to work 40 hours a week for $10 an hour at one of W.M. Jordan Co.'s 40 commercial construction jobs, said John Robert Lawson. His father, Robert Lawson, helped start the Newport News company.
Information from The Associated Press and senior NFL reporter John Clayton

That's the first step in paying back $6.5 million. I actually would like to see Vick back on the gridiron, but who knows when that will be? With his name alone... he'll be able to pay that $6.5 million before my 70k in student loans are paid.

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