Friday, June 29


I'm sorry to say this, but I'm really losing faith in this TI or TIP character, and fast. He has always been a tweener to me, and with a few songs he was trying to gain some ground. This is just my opinion, and it doesn't count for much because I know of a lot of people who really think this guy is the King of The South. Not happening people, and I'm not sorry to say that. This nigga is wack, and this split personality thing is killing it. The one song where he did the TI vs TIP thing on Trap Muzik was sweet. That's as far as it needed to go. There is nothing wrong with having an alias... Eminem has one, Redman has one, hell I even have one. No need to do a split personaility album though... we all saw what happened to Cassidy's first album. I wish I had 4 hands, so I could give that album 4 thumbs down!

This guy is a skilled rapper, and way more than most... especially that Hurricane character and these other jokes out here. I don't mind TI over a lot of people, but it would be great to see him taking more risks these day to better evolve his music. As for The King of the South... I would go with somebody like Outkast as the Kings, or Scarface, or even... nah thats it. Maybe TI is in the top 5 or 10 still, but he IS losing ground with this stunt he is pulling.

Dammit... why am I watching videos again? And why is this niggas video coming on again?! Give me a few minutes so I can watch this thing one more time to see if I'm evaluating this correctly. BRB.

Aiight I can't take it anymore... aint nothing Popping over here playa. The song is just not strong... at all. I think I've figured it out. TI has not switched anything up over the years. His music all stays the same... lyrics are not strong... and he is getting older. As a MC we should see some kind of progression, and it's not happening. Maybe I'm jumping the gun for not hearing the whole album, but I think I've heard enough. And besides, this isnt about the album totally... this is about him just being weak, and losing any creditability that he had. I don't mean to sound so harsh on the guy... I mean he is TI, and he is talented. Someone just should give him a little advice and tell him to take some risks musically.

I will give him some credit in one place. I had the chance to see ATL a few weeks ago, and I was impressed. I didn't watch it before because I just wasnt ready for another Hip Hop failure in the box office. This was a great movie though. Good job Antwoine Fisher (The Writer).

As for TI... I'm out of words. I'm just looking forward to a TI vs Ludacris fight. Not TI vs Himself.

Keep Hip Hop Alive one bar at a time.

Over and Out, DocBoone.

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Robert said...

Damn, Doc, go easy on the boy T.I. You ain't gotta put him down like that. But I would like to throw my hat in the ring for King of the South, if it that's okay with you that is.