Friday, June 29

Wu Tang Forever

For those of you who have been shouting S.I.N.Y. since Enter the 36 Chambers... For those of you who have been thirsting for the Wu since 2001's Iron Flag... Patience is of virtue. The Wu are planning to drop a new LP... soon. As of now the new project is called 8 Diagrams. What does that mean? I'm not sure, but knowing these cats, there is a sick meaning behind it. Bring out your Wu shirts, your Wallabees, and start throwing up your W's again. Once this drops later this year, Ghost plans to drop another solo project. These fellas seem to be back at it. Since 2001 every member has released something, and unfortunately we have lost the Dirt Man... Old Dirty. RIP.

Wu heads keep your eyes and ears open, and your head up as the Wu Returns.

Keep Hip Hop Alive, One bar at a time.

Over and out, DocBoone.

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Anonymous said...

Just thought you should, Ghostface of wutang is touring this fall, I'm not sure if the others are involved but witchdoctor of Atlanta's Dungeon Family is, check it out a bit lemme kno what you think, its a college On October 1, a 12-campus hip-hop tour begins with a concert at the
State University of New York campus in Albany, featuring Ghostface Killah
and Witchdoctor. On October 29, a 12-campus heavy metal tour lets loose
with headliner And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead. Opening for Trail
of Dead is none other than Dethklok, the heavy metal band from Adult Swim¹s
Metalocalypse television series. All shows are open to students. Ticket
information can be obtained online at