Thursday, June 28

A Bay Bay

The other day I almost lost my mind... I almost actually slit my wrist. For some reason I wanted to start back watching videos just to see what I have been missing. So as I'm straightening up and getting some dinner ready this new kid comes on the idiot box. Hurricane. Off rip the video looked silly... I thought he may have been from Alabama or something. Once he actually started spitting lyrics it was all over after that. A Bay Bay. What the hell is that, and why would someone shout that anywhere in public? I figured the world was going to come to an end after that, so I continued to watch videos. I sadly must admit that after each video thereafter I lost approximately 5 IQ points. Fortunately, I am not in school anymore, and I'm on summer vacation as so I don't have to worry about actually using my brain.

After I sat, thought, and actually downloaded Hurricane's track... I came to a conclusion. These videos that I watched that day were simply signs that Hip Hop times have changed. I can't be mad at the boy for making what the people want to hear. It's only a matter of time before A Bay Bay is a term that ends up in the Websters Dictionary. It's one of those things where, If you build it, they will come. If you make catchy music, the people will listen to it. Big ups to him and these other cats who make the music for the people. As long as it's uplifting people and making them happy... making them want to get on the floor and dance... I WONT knock it. That's my rule. I will not lose any sleep, feel left out, or even regret not listening to this guys tracks though.

Keep Hip Hop Alive, one bar at a time.

Over and Out, DocBoone.

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