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Is Jay-Z Still On Top?

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Me and Fab are in agreement on this one right here. Jay does still have skills, and to the average music fan... they wouldn't probably know that Jay is about to be 40 this December. The thing about this whole subject is that there are plenty of folks out there who feel that Jay ain't at the top of the game anymore (Especially after hearing leaks of BP3). You might hear things such as "Aww man, Jay aint talking about nothing new." "This BP3 is just an updated version of Kingdom Come." "He need to rap about something else since it's supposedly not about the money anymore." With all those things said... I begin to think about a few things.

1. Dude is 40 years old, and he's been spitting now for close to 2 decades. What else is there to rap about? Social Security? Prostate Cancer? I mean, he doesn't live in Marcy Projects anymore. He's not slanging on the block. He's kicking it with Bill Maher and Oprah. He's spooning with Beyonce at night when they're together.

2. Why are folks complaining about his subject matter when they just finished complaining about the subject matter of Gucci, Soulja Boy, and all those other cats who ain't talking about nothing at all? I thought a credible artist was supposed to be able to rap about the life/environment that surrounds him.

3. Although this album supposedly isn't better than many of his past projects... name a few cats who you hear regularly in the mainstream world - who's album or lyrics are on the same level or higher. (And I already know there's a million cats who only have a mixtape out, who are spitting way harder.)

All in all... I'm far from the biggest Jay fan, but I feel like folks are giving up on Jay. Remember, I'm not for or against in this case... just a bystander in the middle, listening.

So, give 'em to me. Name the folks who are on the same level as Jay right now, or even higher. Call me Curious the Cat.

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