Monday, September 14

A Drunk Tongue Speaks A Sober Mind

They should have never gave you niggas money!

I wasn't going to speak on Kanye and his childish behavior, but I just can't help it. I haven't heard any pieces of a Taylor Swift track, but if she won an award over Beyonce... big ups to her. Back to Kanye... dude showed up to the show with a 5th of Hennessy. Where they do THAT at?!
It looks like somebody threw a million dollars into the monkey cage at the zoo.
- Uncle Ruckus

I'm 100% for speaking your mind, and even being an ass when you have to... but seriously... wrong time. If somebody would have come on that stage while he was up there he'd be screaming and crying like the baby that he is. Man, child please! It's about time that this dude is knocked off of his self created thrown. He's good, but he ain't 'run up on the stage while somebody's receiving an award for their craft' good. Man, I'm officially done with Kanye and his outfits from 8th grade.

Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar At A Time
Over and Out, DocBoone

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