Thursday, September 17

Charles Rogers Charged With Two Misdemeanors

Man... if this guy isn't the epitome of washed up football players - I don't know what to call him. First he does this bogus interview with ESPN... and now this? I can't even laugh at him anymore. I know us Michigan Wolverines love to see a fallen Spartan, but this is just too far. He needs to be kept off the streets. Just lock him up with the little kid who likes to do "hoodrat things" with his friends. They're sharing a brain already... so it would make sense that they were in close proximity to one another.

Charles Rogers ESPN Outside the Lines Interview

NOVI, Mich. -- Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Charles Rogers was arraigned Thursday on charges of driving while intoxicated and driving without a valid license, police said.

Both charges are misdemeanors and each carry a penalty of up to 93 days in jail and/or a $500 fine.

Rogers was found "non-responsive behind the wheel" of a 2003 Mercedes on Wednesday afternoon, authorities said. The car was running and the vehicle was still in gear in a left-turn lane, authorities said.

According to a police report, Rogers did not respond to requests to open the vehicle's locked doors, resulting in fire officials gaining entry through the sunroof to secure the vehicle.

Rogers remained jailed early Thursday afternoon on a $50,000 cash bond.

The second pick in the 2003 NFL draft out of Michigan State, Rogers has struggled with sobriety in recent years. In an interview with ESPN's "Outside The Lines" this summer, the 28-year-old Rogers spoke of getting clean and turning his life around.

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