Saturday, February 28

There’s Only One, For Real

For you deep in the cut Hip Hop junkies you might already be up on game. I’m guilty for not being up on game until after the fact, but it’s always better late than never… especially in the case of Hip Hop.

So for all of you who are even later than I, I suggest that you fall in line. The Midwest is making a strong push for the best starting lineup and deepest bench. You can start at the top with your Kanye’s, Lupe’s, and Common… but the list finishes out with your Royce’s, Black Milk’s, and Buff1. Buff1? Yes, Buff1. He’s just one of the many talents from the monster group Athletic Mic League. You might not be familiar, and they haven’t even pumped an album since Jungle Gym in 2004. Since then Buff1 branched off to do the solo gig, and he is now witnessing how high the sky really can be. With just 2 solo albums under his belt he has a moaning sound from listeners that’s coming from all directions. He’s another power coming from the Midwest, and Michigan at that. Not Detroit, but Ann Arbor. Yes, home of the Big House and the Fab 5.

Well it’s now been over 6 months since his 2nd album “There’s Only One” dropped and it took me literally 3 months to figure out how to present this cat to some of you all without killing the justice. He stayed true to his crew and the Lab Technicians are all over this with production and guest appearances. He even got a joint with Detroit native, Black Milk (another up and coming talent from The D). From the beginning of this album to the end it will have you nodding your head as if you’re agreeing with everything he’s spitting. Close your eyes and imagine listening to Elzhi of Slum Village, mixed with some Talib Kweli. Yeah, I don't think that's a stretch.

To close, I’d suggest not only that you get up on Buff1 and his works, but also check out Athletic Mic League’s past work. They may not have a recent album out, but trust me… they are all hard at work. They’ve been working together for a many years that date back to their high school years. Talk about a firm cohesiveness.

Keep your ears and eyes open for Vaughan T too. He put down production on several of the tracks from Buff1’s 2 albums, as well other work throughout the area.

Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar At a Time.
Over and Out, DocBoone

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