Saturday, February 21

The true Timmy haircut

Ok... I'm just a few days removed from the last posting, in which Allen Iverson revealed his new hair cut. This post isn't about Iverson or his cut though, so just stick with me.

So, as a black man there is only one thing that we love to get as much as sex and new shoes... and that's a haircut. Think about it. After we get a new haircut our confidence level reaches levels unknown or heard of. It's kind of like when you were a kid and you got a new pair of shoes. It didn't matter if they were from Payless, Kmart (shot out to Al Harrington for dropping the new hoop shoes that are only sold at Kmart), or Foot Locker. Getting new shoes meant that you were going to be able to jump higher, run faster, and in some cases become invisible. You felt like you were the man when you were rocking new shoes. Well, it's the same with a haircut. When you get a haircut you all of a sudden feel like you have all the right words to talk to that sweet smelling, tender red bone that works at the Macy's in the mall. Getting a fresh haircut always is just as refreshing as twisting the cap off of a ice cold beer of your choice. A new haircut will make your worst outfit look like the hottest thing off the shelf. Haircuts just have something about them, that is really hard to put into words. You can only describe it by describing other memorable moments in your life.

Now, what is funny is when you see a messed up haircut (or a Timmy as we call them over here in Michigan), and you can't stop staring at it. A Timmy is what some call a "bowl cut." You know, where you take the bowl and you just trim around the bowl until you have the sides and back bald with hair on the top? I'm not a haircut genius or anything, but I can taper and draw a lineup that's respectable. It's just funny how you can see how high a guy's confidence is from a haircut. There's nothing funnier than to see a guy with a Timmy, and him walking with his head high, brush in hand, no hat, and doo-rag hanging out his back pocket. What about those guys who take pictures with their camera phones and pose in the bathroom... then post the pictures on the internet for everyone to see? What a way to embarrass the barber in that situation.

The funny part is that all of us has had a Timmy at some point in our lives. Doesn't matter if you were in the 3rd grade or a grown man... Although it's always funnier to see a grown man with a Timmy.

I guess I'll stop with all the banter and give you a visual of what the True Timmy looks like.

The True Timmy

Now, you may call it mean... but I call it a Timmy.

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Over and Out, DocBoone

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Anonymous said...

Damn homie! i remember my god mother got the Clippers..and she'd always give me the timmy tuesday haircut when i was thinkin she knew how to cut my hair..she gave me a timmy tuesday..i went in Class thinkin i looked good..the people Clowned me lol..but now that im older..i grew my shit out..and go to the barber every 2 or 3 weeks to get it but you right about that..we all had the timmy..aka the fuked up fade look..lolol