Monday, July 30

5 mil?

MTV put out the hottest 10 MCs in the game right now, just recently. The list goes like this:

10. Jim Jones
9. Common
8. 50 Cent
7. Jay-Z
6. Young Jeezy
5. Kanye West
4. Andre 3000
3. The Game
2. T.I.
1. Lil Wayne

Set the hating to the side people and think about it. This list has little to do with how well you spit 16 bars, and everything to do with how hot you are. How ridiculous is your swagger, and how have you influenced not only the Hip Hop culture, but the world. Jim Jones has everyone yelling out "Ballin'!" Kanye West has everyone comfortable with sports coats and colorful polo shirts. Lil Wayne is just featured on everybody's tracks. From Fat Joe to Enrique Iglesias. The dude has a conglomerate of mixtapes within the last 6 months. Face it... hate him or not. Kissed his "daddy" on the lips or not... the guy is HOT right now.

His album isn't even scheduled to drop until early 2008. And even then he is anticipating moving 5 million copies. Thats a hard feat to accomplish... for anyone. Give him credit though... he has a plan. He is on everybody's album, increasing his exposure to all audiences. The only question is will he still be highly anticipated in 2008 as much as he is now? With haters and all... I think he would come close, if not reach 5 million if he dropped in '07. Besides, most haters are the first ones in line to cop the album... just so that they could hate.

Quite often I tell myself that I'm tired of Weezy F. Baby. Then I hear something new, or a new bar that he spits. Somehow, I easily become entrapped again and interested in what he has to say. Don't know what it is. No matter how much I choose to hate on the guy, I always want to hear more. So, 5 million? I don't know. It would be cool if he did it. Obviously, waiting until next year to drop it... he has to have a plan. All we can do for now is to continue listening to the mixtapes and guest appearances. We'll check back sometime next year to check the sales.

Until then... Lets Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar at a Time.

Over and Out, DocBoone.

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