Wednesday, April 18

Red Has Gone Wild!

It has been a long, disappointing, and anxious 6 years since the Brick City bred and raised lyricist gave his fans that Jersey heat. Redman, The Funk Dr has come back to reclaim his spot as a consistent lyricist and to help put Jersey back on the map. Since his last album Jersey has been shouting for attention with Joe Budden, the deep and personal lyricist. Redman is back and he is on some grown-up stuff, and definitely with something to lose now. After a so-so album for even The Funk Dr, he has completely gone wild now. In a hip hop world where you make a radio friendly track in order to make a buck, the essence of the art has been lost. Red is bringing that back with witty punch lines and hardcore flavor that makes you chuckle while nodding your head as if you're stuck saying yes. He may get one or two tracks at most on the radio air waves, but it's not Redman like to have radio heavy albums. Straight gutta music from the bricks.

Red Gone Wild starts off with hard pounding beats and strong lyrics on "Fire," and the LP goes on throughout with power. With tracks like "Walk in Gutta" featuring the old crew (Keith Murray & Erick Sermon), bangers like "Blow Treez," and all the way to the finale with "Suicide." And of course no Redman album would be complete without the oh so hilarious skits from W.K.Y.A Radio (We Kicking Yo Ass). Red admits to losing focus during periods of Malpractice, but it is apparent that he started off focused and stay focused througout on Red Gone Wild. The producers even brought it all on every track as well (Rockwilder, Erick Sermon, & Scott Storch). Guest appearances include members of the Gillahouse Nuthouse, Erick Sermon, Keith Murray, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, and Method Man.

If I'm The Source, I'm obviously giving the Dr 5 mics. If you don't have this album in your CD player or iPod... GO GET IT NOW!

Over and Out - DocBoone

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