Friday, April 20

Mayweather Vs Sherk... Not Shrek.

I have heard over the past couple weeks an interesting debate. The whispers have been floating around about who would win in a fight, a professional boxer or UFC competitor. That is interesting because here you have two different types of fighters. Both can be deadly in their own right, but which one would come out on top against the other? Boxers are trained at their craft, and they can be very skilled. Boxing truly is an art. Now getting in that octagon is a little different. I remember back in the day when I first tried to watch UFC fights. It was back when Ken Shamrock was that deal, and the sport was still kind of underground. UFC fighters are trained professionals as well. Many of them are trained in several arts of fighting, along with boxing. Kickboxing, Ju Jitsu, Wrestling... so they are just as athletic as most boxers if not more athletic. The octagon can be argued as more brutal, and besides the ref ain't jumping in as quickly to stop the fight if you have a guy's face oozing in blood. In boxing the referee can jump in and stop the fight on his own judgement leaving some fans feeling cheated out of some loot.

The real question though, is who would win in a fight between the two? In my opinion, its hard to say. I guess it depends on which domain they are fighting in. If you bring a UFC fighter into the squared ring against the 37-0 Floyd Mayweather, and make him actually box with the gloves on for 12 rounds... I'm taking "Pretty Boy" all day. Now if you take the same fighters and go inside the octagon... I don't know. Although it still takes discipline to fight in UFC... it's more of a free for all. This allows for each fighter, each man, to release the animal inside of him and go full fledged at the other man. Of course no biting gentlemen.

Mayweather has been going back and forth with UFC President Dana White, a former UFC fighter himself. Mayweather believes that he will crush any fighter in his weight class of course, and White believes that Weathers would get his block knocked off. I'm almost an inch away from saying that a Professional boxer would get crushed in the octagon. And here is my reason why. If you take a UFC fighter, a man who makes a living from fighting in an octagon ring. A man who takes punches and kicks to the chin, eye, nose, and head that boxers aren't used to taking. I'm not taking anything from Floyd's haymaker, jab, hook, or upper cut, but these UFC guys more than likely can take a shot... and a good one at that. If that first, second, third, or even fourth punch doesn't lay him out it could be over. Anything on the mat involving submission, wrestling, grappling... or whatever... the boxer loses. So unless you have a mean one hitter quitter in the octagon, you better be ready to fight a different kind of fight.

Mayweather has been compared with the lightweight champ of UFC, Sean Sherk. Not Shrek like the movie, but Sherk. He is 155 lbs compared to Mayweather's 154 lbs. Mayweather stands at 5'9" and Sherk stands only at 5'6". Sherk has been trained and mastered several fighting styles, including Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Kickboxing, Wrestling, and BOXING. This would be a very interesting fight, and I would love to see Mayweather come out on top just because I am a "Pretty Boy" fan. Sorry to say it though, but Mayweather does not win in a fight against this guy... in the octagon. In the squared ring Mayweather comes out on top 100 out of 100 fights against this guy though.

What do you think?



Joseph Conrad said...

Thanks for this topic, because I'm a huge fan of both sports. The saying is true, you don't wrestle a wrestler and you don't box a boxer. So, Mayweather has no chance in fighting a MMAA (Mixed Martial Arts Artist). True, he would win in boxing, but other than that...I don't think he has a chance. These guys fight at least once a month, boxers, once a year. But, I do like Mayweather, and he will beat De La Hoya.
With Love,

MTM said...

Well...I can't say that I agree with brotha Conrad. I think that if they were boxing in a ring...Pretty Boy may have his hands full. Of course in the octagon it's a wrap.

I say that Pretty Boy would have his hands full just because Sherk could do some damage with them blows, but, gloves could hurt his game, lol.

Either case...I'd be inclined to watch them both, lol.



Anonymous said...

Mayweather... Gayweather... whatever his name is the sucker talks to much and doesn't stand a chance against any fighter in any weight class of the UFC. MMA fighters are the superior athletes with far more skill, it would last about 2 minutes because there is no running in the UFC you have to stand in there and fight and mayweather can't do that. anahiem