Saturday, October 13

Triple Lip

Big ups to Kanye West for his success on his latest LP. Big ups for handing it to 50 in the sales department thus far (in America).

Thats as far as the accolades go though. Kanye has been marked as many things over his career... some good, and some not so good. Many people seem to overlook the fact that this dude always has his mouth open complaining, whining, or feeling entitled to something. He complains when he can't perform at Award Shows. He complains when his record isn't the best. He complains when he isn't the hottest out right now. My goodness! Dude is talented, but his big headedness and cockiness has gotten to his head. Dude's album isn't even 5 mic material. It's better than 50s, and it's better than most rap music that is out today. That still doesn't give him the right to complain and cry as much as he does.

Ed Lover did mark Ye on his list. Top 10 list of people who needs to shut their mouth. I agree, and I'm glad Lover put him out there like that. Ye needs to shut that triple lip and just do his thing, because when he gets humbled down (and everyone gets at least one humbling experience in their life) he might just kill himself. He may do a Eddie Kane... or David Ruffin move. He is not as hot as he thinks he is. Dude thinks that he is Mercury on wax.

I'm not hating on the dude, I am merely stating the obvious. Sometimes I wish that 50 would have out sold him just to see what he would have done. I honestly think he would have cried to Soundscan... probably would have thrown a tantrum on TRL or something.

Kanye you are a talented dude, but you gotta get past that ego of yours. It just may be your downfall. Can that mouth of yours be wired shut again?

Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar at a Time.

Over and Out, DocBoone.

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