Saturday, October 13

American Gangster Part II

Ok, I told you to stay tuned. This American Gangster thing seems to be blowing up pretty quickly now. The movie itself seems to be one of the greats this year. Who knows... maybe even this decade. As far as Jay-Z being inspired to go back at it, hardcore... this might be true. If you've heard Blue Magic you got a taste. In my opinion it was okay... not great, but it was okay. After to listening to more tracks I think that Jigga might have shrugged off B for a minute to go back to his roots. It's the grown up version of the old Jigga. He's even supposedly throwing shots at LL... but that's a different story. Let's go Jigga.

Check out the track Roc Boys from American Gangster. The track Dead Presidents 3 is supposedly a FIRE track as well. Uh oh... what really inspired this man? Who knows... maybe it WAS the movie. Maybe it was all these wack cats out here picking up the mic.

Jay got people waiting on November and apple cider now. Hopefully this work doesn't get highjacked to the point where Jay has to push it back. That would hurt. Or maybe there is another stash somewhere. You all can have the baking soda, and oregano, but when that real white stuff and sticky hits the streets it should cause an epidemic of people Jay flashbacks.

Get with it people.

Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar at a Time.

Over and Out, DocBoone.


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