Friday, June 26

The Michael Jackson Travesty

Alright... call me the Grinch, or the Angry Black Man - I don't care. Maybe I'm overreacting, but I just don't understand what all the hoopla about Michael Jackson dying is for. I mean, I understand that a great artist passed away. It's not like he was murdered... dude had health issues on top of countless and unnecessary surgeries to his mug. It's just crazy that everyone is claiming this to be the saddest day of their life, and people crying, and people forgot that this man TOUCHED KIDS! He was a great artist. Made some dope music, influenced people like Usher, Ne-Yo, Omarion, and Ginuwine. And could dance like no other... But the dude TOUCHED KIDS! He had a Monkey named Bubbles, and a kid named Blanket. He's the same guy that felt that it was okay for a 45 year old man to sleep in the bed with 13 year old boys.

Go to the 1:00 mark if you don't recall.

I liked Mike's music a whole lot, but I can't wait for everyone to cry and mourn the same way when R. Kelly dies (the other pervert). Too many people tend to overlook the wrong doings of celebrities; whether true accusations or not, way too easily. I don't care if Mike really touched those kids or not, but after multiple accusations and multiple out of court settlements... You tell me one person who would have left their child with Mike to play for a day. I didn't think so. Maybe we can get an honest statement from Emmanuel Lewis one day. Hell, Mike should have been on someone's Public Sex Offender list if you ask me. At some point we have to hold the people we put up on these pedestals accountable for something.

You can call me a Michael Jackson hater all you want... it's just funny how everyone had this self-centered notion that Michael Jackson was invincible. I mean just because you live in a hyperbolic chamber doesn't make you immortal. He was a great artist, but a troubled person/thing/it. I mean the dude TOUCHED KIDS for God's sake!!! I would have given him and Robert Kelly the chair two times for that. Fry they asses.

Twitter's server was down temporarily because of all the twitter messages of people crying and mourning. I said it once, and I'll say it again... I empathize for Mike's family, but I do not have sympathy for them. No man, sane or insane, should be sleeping with, touching, kissing, or playing with little boys. Ok, and if the molesting stuff isn't true... He was still a disturbed man. Mike's gone now just the same way as Isaac Hayes, Rick James, and Marvin Gaye. Now go and make yourself a mixtape of these 4 cats and holla at me tomorrow with some real news. That was my vent for the evening. Let's see the world shut down on Easter next year for Jesus' Resurrection Day.

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Maryssa said...

I'm deleting hip hop resurrected from my page you are an asshole. None of those accusations were proven to be true. Every man is entitled to innocent until proven guitly. I hope to hell no one accuses you of something you did not do so that we to can judge you in the same manner in which you have judged Michael Jackson and R. Kelly two men of which have been proven innocent. Ass wipe the man just died 3 days ago you could have had the decency to wait a coupke of days. Michael was a multimillionaire he was an easy target and a lot of people used his naive nature against him and you to would have settled out of court in order to try and bring some peace to yourself asshole.

DocBoone said...


Erroll said...

LMAO, LMAO, LMAO! You'd think Michael Jackson was their daddy, the way they got pissed. Or maybe Michael Jackson touched them when they was a kid and liked it.

DocBoone said...

Yeah some people take this whole Mick Jackson thing way tooo far. Getting way too personal over a person they never even met before. At the end of the day people need to get a life and get over this dumb shit.

Jaz said...

You People Make me SICK. Without Michael Jackson the world would be a whole lot darker. He made history and all you can say is that he molested little kids. His accusers admitted that he didnt do it. You should know you focus on him so much. Even though you hate him. Make sense right? No it doesnt. It would make sense to you because your a troll. Typical american, you all just focus on the negative things of amazing people. Its racist because it was his religion to be kind to strangers. His mother allowed a bleeding man into her house because no one else would let him in. It was her nature and her religion. And Michael was raised on that. Before you judge someone too harshly know where they come from. As Michael always says "Before you judge me, think to yourself have you seen my childhood."