Sunday, January 18

Computer Love

You wake up in the morning and you pop on your computer, or flip open your laptop. The first URL that you punch in is You check your notifications, and then you check messages. After that you read a few updates, and check out a few new pictures. Maybe you post a silly message on a friend’s wall. Then you update your status as you head to the closet to figure out what you’re wearing to work. Imagine a world without Facebook. What would this look like? What would all the socialites do now?

Remember before Facebook and Myspace when you actually had to talk to people face to face? What about when you liked a girl? You had to hope that she would come to class the next day, and come even somewhat close to you. Just close enough that you could smell the scent of her perfume in the wind as she walked by. And as she walked by you couldn’t help but glance down at the creases below her back pockets as she switched her hips down the hall past you. What about when you had that crush on the guy who transferred into your African American Literature class during the first semester? Your knees trembled and lungs got small as he brushed by you on his way to his seat in the front of class. You couldn’t help but picture him playing with the kids, or sweating while cutting the grass on a hot summer day.

Some odd years ago before the social networking systems that we have today; social interaction wasn’t something that came easy for many people. Crushes walked by, and feelings stayed bottled away. Hooking up for dates actually required a phone call. Getting to know someone actually required that you sat and talked face to face, or over the phone without needing a top-notch text-messaging plan. Stalking required that you find out where the person actually lived. You had to figure out their Friday schedule and try to be there after your class across campus. Even once you ran across this person you had to say something. Something engaging that could at least get a smile in response and then maybe an invitation for some innocent conversation over a cup of coffee. Now all you need is a name. Not even a whole name… just a first name or last name. Type it into Facebook and you have every name even remotely close to what you’re looking for. From there you have poking, messaging, and friend requests at your fingertips. Some people actually use the social networking piece to reconnect with old friends and family that you haven’t seen in years. That’s one of the main reasons for the whole invention I think.

Imagine having to go back to not having a Facebook or Myspace. That would mean bad news for some people. Those people who have thousands of saved friends, but never talk to any of them in person. Those people who randomly save friends even though they don’t even know if Kenny Kanastro is their real name. Even with answering machines people used to call you when they knew you wouldn’t answer just to avoid conversation. Now without IMing and messaging and wall posting what will happen? It’s back to being a hermit who doesn’t know how to socialize. Practicing your eye contact and making sure you’re gazing at least 2 or 3 times in a few seconds. Making sure that you have breath mints or gum so that you’re constantly working with fresh breath.

Now it’s back to not returning phone calls and using more of the old excuses. I’ve been on the grind for the last few days. Or, the kids have been driving me all over the place. I hadn’t charged my cell phone in a few days. Or, a good one… I didn’t get your call. Phone tagging because you call when you know I’m not available. You damn sure wont be hooking up with any random chicks or guys. No driving to see the girl you met on Facebook who lives in Indiana.

This is just something I started to think about as I was deleting people from my friends list on Facebook. Is today’s society taking a step back in socializing and social interacting, or are we taking a step forward? Maybe we should all take a few days out the week to actually pick up the phone or meet up for lunch or dinner. Why wouldn’t you want to smell her perfume, or to feel his slight brush in PERSON? Please step away from the computer and get some sun.

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Anonymous said...

This is so true! I have friends that I talk to everyday on myspace that I have NEVER met in real life. but openened up to them about personal stuff and everything! Crazy I know, but a lot of people do it. Maybe because its easier to socialize with random people whom you know you will never meet. On the WWW you can be anybody you want to be. Simply copy and paste your life.